Things To Check Before Buying A Bluetooth Speaker

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With the increasing number of wireless devices, Bluetooth speakers are getting in trend. The powerful Bluetooth speakers are suitable for parties and picnics, which require you to play music and enjoy with your friends and family members. A lot of tech companies are manufacturing high-quality Bluetooth speakers, which gives us a huge choice of products. With the option, we are destined to get confused. We’ve seen many of our friends spending a ton of money on the Bluetooth speakers every time and ending up with the third-grade product that only looks great but doesn’t work at all.

After seeing that, we decided to share our knowledge with our friends and help them to get the best Bluetooth speaker. Buying is a process, which requires the points that you should consider while shortlisting the product. We’ve collected a few things or the features that you should consider before buying Bluetooth speakers. In this post, we are going to share the same features that you should follow religiously while spending your money getting the Bluetooth speakers.

wireless speaker

Features to Look for in a Bluetooth Speaker

We have the option to look for the Basic Bluetooth speaker or the advanced Bluetooth speaker. Except for the additional features, both of these are going to work flawlessly and in the same way. That’s why we are listing the necessary features to look at in the Bluetooth Speakers.

#1 – Bluetooth Version

A version of the Bluetooth connectivity is essential. As Bluetooth is a short-range communication network, you should consider only the Bluetooth 4.0 or Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity options. Having a higher version of Bluetooth connectivity, you’ll be able to enjoy the great sound quality, lower battery consumption, and excellent range of nearly 60 meters. So, checking the Bluetooth version is the absolute first step that you should not miss at all. Opting for Bluetooth 5.0 is highly recommended, but if you don’t find some good options, then you may go for Bluetooth 4.0 and nothing lower.

#2 – Sound Drivers

The driver is nothing but the speaker unit, which provides all the sound: the bigger the drivers, the louder the audio output. There are different types of audio drivers used by speaker manufacturers. The use of a variety of drivers changes the audio output style by multiples. If you choose the Bluetooth speakers with the big drivers, then obviously, the speaker size will increase. Also, the smaller the drivers, the smaller the speaker size will be. So, it’s essential to understand the requirements and choose the audio drivers accordingly. Not just that, checking out the speaker orientation and configuration is highly imperative. Some speakers come with a single driver or dual-driver setup. Also, some have upward and downward facing drivers, which provide a surreal sound experience. So, make sure to check for the drivers, it’s size, overall speaker size, and the driver setup for the ultimate music listening experience.

#3 – Battery Backup

You are choosing the Bluetooth speakers because you don’t want to have the hassle of carrying the cables and power supply around with you. The Bluetooth speakers are highly portable and come with an internal battery that provides it the necessary power. Even if it comes with a battery, you should check if it has sufficient battery backup. Having a battery life of 12 hours per charge is ideal. Also, if the device comes with the Low Power Profile with Bluetooth 5.0, then it will be an added advantage and will increase the overall battery life. So, checking out the battery life and the charging time is essential when you are buying a new Bluetooth Speaker.

#4 – Waterproof or Not

Your pool parties are incomplete without the alcohol and good music. as you are near the water, you don’t want to carry the wired speakers to avoid electrocution. SO, it’s better to use the Bluetooth speaker. But it is highly important to understand if the Bluetooth speakers are waterproof or not. When you are parting beside the pool, the speaker might get wet. So, it’s essential to check their waterproof ratings. With the great waterproof ratings, you can be sure to use the speakers in the rain and the pools to enjoy with your friends and family members.

#5 – Voice Assistant

Well, this is pretty optional, but you should check if the Bluetooth speaker comes with the Voice assistant or not. Many of the popular companies are providing the speakers with the voice assistant. Though this feature wont be available in the bluetooth speakers under 2000, but if your budget is on a higher side, then you should keep this feature in mind. Be it Google or Amazon; we get the Bluetooth speakers with the voice assistant enabled. Such Bluetooth speakers are highly advanced and work on voice commands. So, they can easily connect to the internet and play the songs that you like or control automated devices with the voice command. If you are not going to use it in your house, then the voice assistant is just an additional feature that you can neglect.

Final Words

The world of Bluetooth speakers is very vast. You will find a lot of good products in the market, but there is no harm in doing the proper research before buying any Bluetooth speaker. With these essential features, you’ll be able to get the perfect Bluetooth speaker that has superb sound quality, compact size, and excellent battery life. All you have to do is to check out these essential features and get the best quality Bluetooth speaker that suits your requirements and the budget.

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