WHAT is 100% PURE Argan Oil ????

The women of Morocco have used argan oil in their beauty rituals for centuries to protect their skin from the harsh conditions. This multipurpose oil from the nut of the argan tree contains powerful antioxidants and high concentrations of nutrients and essential fatty acids that are the building blocks of healthy skin.

Raw argan oil is composed of a high percentage of vitamin E ( MORE THAN OLIVE OIL ).

The remainder of the oil is made up of 80% fatty acids, including hard to obtain Omega 6 and Omega 9 acids. These are key to promoting optimal skin health.

Here’s the breakdown:

palmitic – 12.0%; stearic – 6.0%; oleic – 42.8% (omega 9); linoleic – 36.8% (omega 6).

Other components include phenolic oils, squalene and phytosterol compounds.

HOW TO USE 100% PURE Argan Oil ????

Extremely rich in Vitamin E and antioxidants, argan oil has been shown to:

• Minimize fine lines
• Restore elasticity
• Improve skin tone
• Soothe irritation
• Neutralize free radicals that cause signs of aging
• Protect the skin from harmful environmental agents.

Light and non-greasy, argan oil absorbs easily, instantly giving skin a radiant glow.

For face and body, you can mix 10 drops of argan oil with 100ml of 100% pure Rose water, shake and mist over face and body.

For hair, apply a few drops of 100% pure argan oil directly onto your hair.

Other ways of usage :

1) You can mix a few drops of argan oil with your favourite body butter and apply it to your body. Skin would feel sooo soo SOFT and velvety smooth!

2) You can mix a few drops of argan oil with one drop of your favourite essential oil and use it as a massage oil.

3) You can mix a few drops of argan oil with your favourite shower gel, shake well and use. 

4) You can mix a few drops of argan oil with your favourite conditioner and instead of applying it directly to yur hair, simply apply your conditioner and rinse through. 

5) You can use argan oil directly to your face as a moisturiser. But for me, I have combination skin so I only use argan oil mixed with rose water for my face. =) 

HOW TO ORDER 100% PURE Argan Oil ????

Email to jacquelineangelicious@gmail.com

I am pre-ordering this every week.

Read about how argan oil has benefitted me :


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