I run into things, I spill food, I'm spontaneous , I'm unique, I'm quirky, I'm a rebel, I'm the illegitimate love-child of logic and creativity. I'm found running in the rain, I'm proud to be different, I have a quick reaction to bullshit, I have an attitude to boot, I can do anything I want to if I put my heart into it. I say stupid things and I might not have it all together, yet I know I am very very loved. I am a winner, I love acting 'crazy' when with my friends and family, I inspire and I aspire. But I'm also bimbo-tic at times, I'm ugly on lousy days, I'm forgetful and lousy with directions, I'm fat on fat days, I'm smelly on smelly days. Hahahahhahaha ヽ(´ー`)┌ Oh oh oh.... Did I also mention that I'm naughty on naughty days?

I know it was never the fame or fortune that I am after, I will only do something just BECAUSE I am curious and of course, just for the fun of it. I need to be constantly stimulated by sounds, beautiful people and humorous individuals. I am not interested in trying to change people's comments or perceptions of me because their perception is THEIR PROBLEM, not mine. I don't care about your flaws and imperfections, because I have them too.

I hope to touch your life and help you to grow as you meander along the journey of life by relating to you people my personal experiences in my life. =)

And I am who I am, your opinions of me is neither desired nor required and your opinions of me, WOULD forever be IGNORED. ヽ(。ゝω & + ;。)ノ

Jacqueline has always had a creative streak; from drawings to paintings and now jewellery design, always demanding from herself perfection in every field of art. Yet perhaps the most intriguing fact: she is self-taught in all her artistic ventures, arguably the most successful being her line of jewellery designs, where she had taught herself from scratch. From clay-making to wire-working you name it, she's done it, all by herself!

Jacqueline currently lives in Singapore and hopes to share her art and creativity with the world.