How to type in Hindi using the English keyboard

There are various ways one can write any English sentence and convert it into a Hindi sentence. Some keyboards also offer features that could help you to convert English letters into Hindi.

Many people ask how to type in Hindi using an English keyboard. There are various ways to write in Hindi using the English language, but we will tell you an easier way to write in the Hindi language using English characters. First, you need to go to your play store and download an application called Gboard or any other keyboard such as shift key. You can use english to hindi typing tool.

This keyboard comes with a feature to directly type in Hindi using English characters, making it easier to write in Hindi. These kinds of keyboards do not translate any word of a word, but they help you convert the English character to Hindi’s surface. It is an easier way to write in Hindi if you know Hindi.


· Write any word you want to type it in Hindi, such as let’s type Diwali. Now, what you have to do is type Diwali using character D I W A L I, then your keyboard will automatically translate the letters into the Hindi language.

· Now, the question arises that what keyboard I should download, so one of the most suggested ones is G board by Google and swift keyboard.

Let’s say you don’t want to type it in. You don’t know Hindi, and you want to translate your whole sentence, see how you would do that, so there is an easier way. Here are some ways you can also prefer.


Google translate is a free feature that allows you to convert any language. Understanding the UI is easy because when you write Hindi to English, the first search result will be from Google translator itself. On the right-hand side, it will be the language you want to see, and on the left inside, it is the language you need to convert.

Google translator also allows you to understand the word’s vocabulary and can help you pronounce it better with its voice feature. Google translate also works on mic command, which can help you in various other ways as well. Now what you have to do is write the letter or your sentence that you want to translate. You don’t have to press any enter or anything. It will directly change it to the resulted language.


Hindi to English translation can also be done by a website called Easy Hindi typing.

This website is easy to use and is free. One of the most intuitive features of this website is that it can convert and download the whole manuscript by self, so you don’t have to copy and paste. The website also has various translations, such as Marathi and Telugu.

The only significant drawback of this website is that it is not that minimalistic and carries many advertisements. The website is also laggy but works fine if you are using it on a proper device with a decent internet connection. The website also helps you translate your manuscript into various Indian languages such as Gujarati, Oriya, Kannada, and Urdu.


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