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Best Beer Glasses to Buy in 2020

For the beer lovers, a portion of the fun lies in the way the drink is presented, of which the shape, creativity and vivacity of the beer glass definitely holds a significant hold. Those bars that provide craft beer always set forward an assortment of glassware that specifically holds lagers, ales, Pilsners, etc. The beer glasses often represent the traditional structure that is present in the region, especially if there is a particular brand of beer that is made in the region. There are various standards visible throughout the world, like the government-initiated standards for British pubs, tall and lean Hefeweizen for German beers, etc. Therefore, here are some beer glasses that will definitely spice up your collection and your beer rendezvous.

Zalto Beer Glass

This brand is well known in the world of wine glasses for their assured quality and fineness of creativity. There is a certain sense of premium luxury that immediately goes with possessing their glasses, making it perfect for good beer and company. Now that the brand has released their line of beer glasses as well, they have set forward a tough competition for other makers in the market. The glasses are specially tailored to take up to fourteen ounces of beer, especially brands like Pilsner. It follows an apt sizing in dimensions and lead is not used in its production. Zalto’s unique selling point is that each glass is individually blown to perfection in the glass-making industry within standards of impeccable quality and superiority over other brands.

Willi Becher Tumbler

Low price, high durability, stylish but straightforward – this tumbler combines all of these qualities and makes it an elegant option to use for daily activities. The capacity comes up to 16 ounces , with a sturdy construction that doesn’t chip or break easily and also makes washing easy because of the simple design. Pilsners and lagers fit best in this glass and several bars use this as a standard serving glass for cold beer as well. It is a little different from the traditional pint glass, which tapers inwards when it reaches the top. The glass’s design also ensures that the aroma of the beer reaches you, allowing you to concentrate in the experience of drinking the beer. The smooth texture, the thick bottom and the thinner top all combine to give the glass a luxurious feel while indulging in the experience.

Libbey Belgian Beer Glasses

Here’s a glass that is specially manufactured for those who have strong preferences for Belgian beer or craft beer. The stout-looking glass places into consideration the need for holding in the foam for these specific beers, allowing you to pour a clean drink every time. The shape also allows you to concentrate the beer’s fragrance. The six-inch glass can hold up to 16 ounces of beer, with the conical shape towards the top ensuring the locking of the fragrance of the beer for a longer period of time. The high-quality glass and its bowl shape allows you to transfer a certain portion of your body heat to the glass. The product boasts of the perfect thickness that allows the material to be durable, not too fragile or not too heavy that it loses its charm.

Spiegelau IPA Beer Glass

This glass holds a high value in the world of beer glasses and experiences. The structuring of the glass is made to be thin and lightweight, therefore bringing a change to the perspective that all beer glasses are stout-shaped. It fits a larger capacity of nineteen ounces and is a proud product of Germany. The developers initiated the process of making such a glass with the sole purpose of magnifying the entire experience for the consumer. The design directs the fragrance of beers directly to your nose, completing the entire process of drinking beer. No lead has been used in the making of this glass, so it is safe and healthy to use. The developers of this glass were originally luxury mirror makers for medieval European royalty; this experience and exposure to superior technology over the years has made it possible for them to experiment with quality products in remarkable success.

Rastal Teku-Stemmed Glass

The Teku Beer glasses get their unique name from the combination of the names of their developer Teo Musso of Baladin Brewery in Torino, Italy and Italian sensory expert and craft brewer Lorenzo D, who is also known as Kraska. The glass was initially created for the use of the Baladin Brewery and is now made by the German company Rastal GMBH & Co., reputed for their skills in producing quality and premium glassware. The glasses are exclusively for enhancing the craft beer experience, with the outward curve of the chimney-shaped glass providing the essential sensory experience. You can also get the best flavor exposure from the thin rim and the polished stem prevents the beer from being exposed to your body heat. The glass altogether gives the stunning visual effect and elegance of a wine glass without having to pay anything close to a high price.

Nachtmann Vivendi Stemmed Pilsner Glasses

It is a pleasure to be exposed to something that is aesthetically pleasing accompanied with good quality beer. These glasses ensure that a good proportion of your thirst will be covered by the visual appeal of the glasses, if not entirely quenched. The grace and the class associated with them might even convince you to not use them at all and instead assign them a place of honour on the cabinet to be boasted about with the guests. Your cutlery, party and aesthetic needs will be more than satisfied with these glasses. Classy parties deserve the classiest glasses as an accompaniment to ensure continued attendance of your friends and relatives to your parties and a unique characteristic of luxury. The prices can seem a bit steep, but it is a worthy sacrifice, with their brilliant shine and the durability of the material which doesn’t get foggy over time.…