6 Incredible Benefits of Learning English

Besides being a universally understood language, there are several other benefits of learning English. The presence of this language regardless of boundaries of countries makes it a prime medium of communication as every individual is bound to know some words. Let’s not forget the fact that learning a new language is always beneficial at any age as there are certain irredeemable benefits associated with the process.

Improve your memory

There is irredeemable scientific evidence that learning a second language works as good machine grease for the brain. Experts indicate early ages as most suitable for learning a language thoroughly, as we all learn our mother tongues through amazingly complicated ways of seeing, hearing and impersonating those around us. Of course, this doesn’t negate the definite benefits of the process, no matter the age. As brains develop with our age, case studies have compared between those who know one language and those who know more than one to arrive at the conclusion that the latter category has better attention span.

Listen better

Along with your memory, another remarkable benefit of learning English is the development and honing of your listening skills. It keeps up the functioning of your brain through the concentration and attention required for learning the language, such as activities like rhyming games that focus both on the strength and fluidity of the speaker’s English as well as their ability to concentrate and remember the details. On listening to the prompts specified by the teacher, it is only natural that the students pick up these positive characteristics of refining their memory, increasing their attention span and honing their listening skills.

A tool for higher education

Today, in this globally connected world, it is no surprise that every individual is free to travel far and beyond in search of the best education they seek to satisfy themselves. Educational qualifications are on the rise as a simple bachelor’s degree means a lot less than it used to do before. Each field has a series of prestigious universities located all over the world and ambitious students are consistently attempting to get such a refined level of exposure in their field. For these dreams to come true, learning English is a valuable tool, especially since many such universities are located in countries like the United States of America or Australia, where foreigners find English a much easier tool of communication. In fact, this explains why most universities keep English tests of a basic nature mandatory for students to reach their ranks. So, advancement in English will be to your favor to gain favorable degree positions at these universities which perpetuates a positive cycle forward and builds towards a healthy career.

Open the door to employment opportunities

This is where you can throw open the door of opportunities in employment as you upgrade and refine your English skills. Learning any skill in relation to one’s job always works as a brownie point during selection, and learning English is the cherry on top for most companies as they all strive to provide a global footprint, for which the language is much important. Multinational companies and global corporate companies are always demanding English-speaking employees and the high salaries should work as a great incentive to brush your English today. If you wish to stick to your original company, arming yourself with English skills will ensure you a certain and important advantage over others, making you liable for better offers, salaries and promotions with more responsibilities. Don’t forget that opportunities lie even in company websites as most of them strive to provide a neat and detailed image of themselves in order to utilize any and every opportunity to the fullest. There is English in everything, as it forms the core of most daily activities and subjects –science, law, aviation, computer technology, start-ups, etc.

Travel all over the world

English is not known as a global language as a mere title – the fact remains that the language is highly popular that a majority of global citizens know at least bits and pieces of the language that makes it an effective tool of communication. Therefore, once your learn the language, you can easily fulfill your travel aspirations as they become easier, more enjoyable and less restrained by your worry about communication with the locals. Become confident, travel more and take advantage of the chance to broaden your mind, opportunities and perspective!

When you understand others, it now becomes easier to understand their languages and their cultures so that you can be respectful and mindful always. Don’t be under the perception that English is only common in countries where the official language is English – it’s a widely known and reputed language and thus, there will be at least one person who knows the language, in the utmost worst case scenario. You can use this initial opportunity of strengthening bonds and communication possibilities before trying to learn the language of the country you’ve travelled to. After all, there is no better way of showcasing your respect than through learning something of their own and conveying your respect through the willingness to know more about them and their practices. The plus point is that English is a relatively simple language to master, so once you have learnt the language, you can always use it as a medium for learning the next.

Be entertained in another language

Once you know English, you are now open to the possibilities to another entirely different and wonderful dimension of entertainment possibilities. Attributing to the fact that English is a common medium of communication, most entertainment content is made in this language for better access, be it movies, books or newspapers. English can be crowned an official language of expression of art and a well-credited and respected medium. This does not negate the importance of having content in particular languages – since each language has its own medium of expression – but it shows why the language makes you more independent than before.

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