Month: January 2020

Best Beer Glasses to Buy in 2020

For the beer lovers, a portion of the fun lies in the way the drink is presented, of which the shape, creativity and vivacity of the beer glass definitely holds a significant hold. Those bars that provide craft beer always set forward an assortment of glassware that specifically holds lagers, ales, Pilsners, etc. The beer glasses often represent the traditional structure that is present in the region, especially if there is a particular brand of beer that is made in the region. There are various standards visible throughout the world, like the government-initiated standards for British pubs, tall and lean Hefeweizen for German beers, etc. Therefore, here are some beer glasses that will definitely spice up your collection and your beer rendezvous.

Zalto Beer Glass

This brand is well known in the world of wine glasses for their assured quality and fineness of creativity. There is a certain sense of premium luxury that immediately goes with possessing their glasses, making it perfect for good beer and company. Now that the brand has released their line of beer glasses as well, they have set forward a tough competition for other makers in the market. The glasses are specially tailored to take up to fourteen ounces of beer, especially brands like Pilsner. It follows an apt sizing in dimensions and lead is not used in its production. Zalto’s unique selling point is that each glass is individually blown to perfection in the glass-making industry within standards of impeccable quality and superiority over other brands.

Willi Becher Tumbler

Low price, high durability, stylish but straightforward – this tumbler combines all of these qualities and makes it an elegant option to use for daily activities. The capacity comes up to 16 ounces , with a sturdy construction that doesn’t chip or break easily and also makes washing easy because of the simple design. Pilsners and lagers fit best in this glass and several bars use this as a standard serving glass for cold beer as well. It is a little different from the traditional pint glass, which tapers inwards when it reaches the top. The glass’s design also ensures that the aroma of the beer reaches you, allowing you to concentrate in the experience of drinking the beer. The smooth texture, the thick bottom and the thinner top all combine to give the glass a luxurious feel while indulging in the experience.

Libbey Belgian Beer Glasses

Here’s a glass that is specially manufactured for those who have strong preferences for Belgian beer or craft beer. The stout-looking glass places into consideration the need for holding in the foam for these specific beers, allowing you to pour a clean drink every time. The shape also allows you to concentrate the beer’s fragrance. The six-inch glass can hold up to 16 ounces of beer, with the conical shape towards the top ensuring the locking of the fragrance of the beer for a longer period of time. The high-quality glass and its bowl shape allows you to transfer a certain portion of your body heat to the glass. The product boasts of the perfect thickness that allows the material to be durable, not too fragile or not too heavy that it loses its charm.

Spiegelau IPA Beer Glass

This glass holds a high value in the world of beer glasses and experiences. The structuring of the glass is made to be thin and lightweight, therefore bringing a change to the perspective that all beer glasses are stout-shaped. It fits a larger capacity of nineteen ounces and is a proud product of Germany. The developers initiated the process of making such a glass with the sole purpose of magnifying the entire experience for the consumer. The design directs the fragrance of beers directly to your nose, completing the entire process of drinking beer. No lead has been used in the making of this glass, so it is safe and healthy to use. The developers of this glass were originally luxury mirror makers for medieval European royalty; this experience and exposure to superior technology over the years has made it possible for them to experiment with quality products in remarkable success.

Rastal Teku-Stemmed Glass

The Teku Beer glasses get their unique name from the combination of the names of their developer Teo Musso of Baladin Brewery in Torino, Italy and Italian sensory expert and craft brewer Lorenzo D, who is also known as Kraska. The glass was initially created for the use of the Baladin Brewery and is now made by the German company Rastal GMBH & Co., reputed for their skills in producing quality and premium glassware. The glasses are exclusively for enhancing the craft beer experience, with the outward curve of the chimney-shaped glass providing the essential sensory experience. You can also get the best flavor exposure from the thin rim and the polished stem prevents the beer from being exposed to your body heat. The glass altogether gives the stunning visual effect and elegance of a wine glass without having to pay anything close to a high price.

Nachtmann Vivendi Stemmed Pilsner Glasses

It is a pleasure to be exposed to something that is aesthetically pleasing accompanied with good quality beer. These glasses ensure that a good proportion of your thirst will be covered by the visual appeal of the glasses, if not entirely quenched. The grace and the class associated with them might even convince you to not use them at all and instead assign them a place of honour on the cabinet to be boasted about with the guests. Your cutlery, party and aesthetic needs will be more than satisfied with these glasses. Classy parties deserve the classiest glasses as an accompaniment to ensure continued attendance of your friends and relatives to your parties and a unique characteristic of luxury. The prices can seem a bit steep, but it is a worthy sacrifice, with their brilliant shine and the durability of the material which doesn’t get foggy over time.…

How to Select the Right Geyser Size?

Geysers are very integral parts of our daily lives, especially in the winter season. There are a lot of options for geysers in the market, and to choose the right one for your home may sometimes seem a bit of a headache. One of the crucial factors while selecting a geyser is its size. If the geyser you own is too big, it will end up wasting electricity by warming up more water than you actually need. And if it isn’t big enough, you’ll face a shortage of hot water. And the size of the geyser that you may select is proportional to your household’s hot water consumption need. Let’s go a bit more detailed on How to Select the Right Geyser Size for your home.

No of People In the House

For a house with no more than two individuals, instant water heaters are the ideal solution to meet the day-to-day hot water needs of the house. They do not come with any storage and provide instantaneous hot water. Available in capacities ranging from 1 to 3 litres, the instant geysers are more than enough means for small families. Due to their compact size, they can be easily fit in the smallest of space.

For large families, the demand for hot water is more. Storage water heaters are the ideal option in this case, with tank capacities ranging from 6 to 50 litres. A water heater ranging from 15 to 25 litres capacity can successfully satisfy the hot water needs of a family of four.

Geyser Rating

Geyser rating is another important factor that you should take into account before you buy an electric geyser. A 5-star rated geyser is energy efficient and uses less electricity compared to a 4 star or lower-rated electric geyser. This is a very crucial factor if you want your electricity bill to stay within the range of your income.

Power Consumption

Power consumption, in the case of geyser, is directly proportional to your consumption of hot water. In a country like India, the voltage drop is a big issue throughout the year. So imagine the toll it takes on power grids during winter when geyser consumption is high. Normal water heaters/geysers power consumption is between 2 or 2.5kw, and instant water heater/geysers are between 3kw to 4.5 kw. Select/Change geyser according to your power consumption; it saves money and reduces unnecessary power consumption from the grid.

Geyser Brands

There are many brands of geysers in the market. And depending on the brand, the prices also vary. While the price is important, there are other crucial things that come with branding. A good brand represents quality, trust, durability. A good brand geyser is safer and can help you save electricity compared to a weaker brand.

Appearance and Design

The Appearance of a geyser a matter of little concern, but it does have some benefits. A geyser with sturdy construction, attractive appearance, and compact design and can add an aesthetic quality to the room it’s kept. A well-designed geyser will blend in perfectly with the place it’s kept, and doesn’t seem like a distracting addition.

Some Other Key Features

If you want a geyser that has longevity, make sure these features are present:

  • Safety valve for pressure release
  • Glass coated heating element
  • Automatic thermal cut-out
  • Rust proof outer body

The safety valve is designed to automatically relieve pressure and discharge water in case the pressure goes over the preset limits. The automatic thermal cut-out feature protects the heater from burning out.…

Most Durable Wallet

Wallets are like your personal companion. You carry them wherever you go. Not only does it hold your cash, but it carries important documents like your license, ID card. Thus it is important that the wallet you buy is worth your time and money. There are several factors one must take into account while buying a wallet. These include Quality of the leather, Space and Size of the Wallet, appearance of the wallet.

Buying a wallet made of quality material ensures its durability. Often times, people tend to go with the cheaper option, somehow thinking that if they use it carefully, it will last long. It doesn’t work that way, and within one and a half years, your wallet will be damaged, and you are forced to replace it with a new one. Here is a list of Most Durable Wallets that will stand the test of time.

DOSH Luxe 6-Card Compact Designer Money Clip Wallet

Made of rubberized TPU material and weather-resistant polymer, DOSH Luxe 6-Card Wallet has a very cool appearance and compact design. It has six card slots and 1 metal clip that holds the money. Those who do not want their wallets to stay open all the time this is an ideal choice. This is an ideal wallet for folks who are looking for wallets with a slim profile and also can hold their cash and cards safely.

Port Wallet by Craft and Lore

If you want the honour of owning a purely hand-stitched wallet, Port Wallet by Craft and Lore is an ideal choice. Made of durable-waxed polycord stitching and american-tanned leather, this is a marvel in design and quality. It uses a single piece of leather wrapped around itself with only necessary stitching to make a beautiful, minimalist design. It fits comfortably everywhere: in front or rear pant pockets or in the palm of your hand. The look of the leather will only improve as it gets rugged through use.

Dango T01 Tactical Leather Wallet

Originating from Dango, this leather wallet is designed to hold 12 cards. It’s made from top-grain leather, secured to the base of the wallet with mil-spec bolts. This wallet, With its aerospace-grade aluminum, weighs no more than 2 ounces(when empty) and measures 5” x 3.4” x 0.8”. Your cards will be organized and safe in it thanks to RFID-blocking technology, and the cash clips will hold your bills safely.

Bellroy Hide and Seek

Bellroy Hide and seek wallet has features of a classic bifold style– slim and compact. The primary material that goes into making the wallet is vegetable-tanned leather, which only ages beautifully with time. It’s soft with some nice contrast stitching detail on the front and back portion of the wallet. Measuring in at 3.3 inches tall x 4.5 inches wide when closed, you can keep upto 5-12 cards in it. Despite its slim appearance, it comes with a ton of pockets. Like, there is a flap inside where you can keep your bills. It comes in 7 colors, along with RFID-features in 3 of them.

Mr. Lentz Traditional Men’s Leather Wallet

Weak stitching is often a big complaint when it comes to some wallets. And as a remedy for that, we have Mr. Lentz Traditional Men’s Leather wallet. The simple stitching in the low-quality wallets is replaced with solid brass, nickel-plated rivets, which provides great durability. It’s made of hand-cut, full-grain vegetable-tanned leather. It’s elegant and simple, thus a great choice for a wallet.

Koyono Slimmy Wallet

Koyono slimmy wallet is a good choice for those who are craving for a compact and slim wallet. It comes in two sizes: 3.875 x 2.69 inches and 4.125 x 3.125 inches. It has an appealing design and is available in a variety of colours including the oil-tanned steer leather version. Along with the aforementioned features, it has two pockets and one slot, and the slot has RFID protection. It can hold upto10 Money Cards/ID, 15 bills, and 2 business cards.

Ion Wallet by Pioneer

Ion Wallet by Pioneer is made from 10XD Ripstop Fabrics that are typically used for cut-resistant kitchen gloves and military body armor. This increases its durability and provides an ability to withstand rigorous usage. It has a smaller bi-fold wallet functionality making it stylish and modern. Its card capacity ranges from 6 to 8 with a 10-year warranty.

SaddleBack Leather Wallets

One of the unique things about the SaddleBack leather wallet is its crazy 100-year warranty. It is made of full-grain leather and sowed with marine-grade polyester thread, which is both UV and salt-water resistant. Its dimension is 10.4775cm x 7.3025cm x .4826cm and has 6 card slots and 2 hidden slots behind. Along with all this, it has RFID protection as well.


Buying a good quality wallet, made of efficient materials is always a good option rather than going for cheap wallets. Durability is a factor that cannot be achieved through cheap wallets. Buying a cheap wallet may seem profitable at first, but that initial cheapness is easily compensated by its inability to last long. So, a durable good quality wallet not only keeps your money and cards safe, it saves your wallet cost in the long run as well.…