I tried Thermage --- a non-invasive radiofrequency therapy at The Clifford Clinic when I was in Singapore. I was looking forward to my Thermage treatment after my plastic surgeon told me that my chin implant removal surgery has completely healed. I was contemplating a face lift but decided to try Thermage before deciding if I needed a face lift. Honestly, THERMAGE worked wonders on my face! Thermage worked like a mini facelift for me.

You can read about my chin implant removal surgery here :


Thermage treatments are customized to your needs, and typically require minimal recovery time. It’s a great solution if you want your skin to look sleeker, smoother and younger, but can’t afford a lot of time away from work or your social life.

This is the Thermage machine at The Clifford Clinic.


This is the setting Dr Gerard Ee used for me.


Dr Ee from The Clifford Clinic explained to me how Thermage works.

Thermage is known to be effective on: 

 The Eyes – Thermage is able to treat the fine lines around our eye area, to help us look more youthful and well rested.

The Face – As I age, loose jowls, turkey neck and slightly sagging skin started to appear on my face. Thermage is able to smoothen the lines and wrinkles and increase collagen in my skin to make me appear more youthful without a facelift!

This is the Thermage applicator.


For hygienic purposes, a new head is used for every patient.

This is the original Thermage packaging.


First, Dr Gerard Ee placed a Thermage marking grid paper on my face. 
He applied the Thermage marking grid paper onto my face and held the paper down, 
then he dabbed the marking grid paper with some alcohol. After that, he removed 
the Thermage marking grid paper and the grid markings became visible on my face.


The grid paper is removed and the markings are now visible on my face.


Dr Gerard Ee place the Thermage Tip directly in the center of each square on the grid marked on my face. I felt a slightly warm sensation when he did the Thermage treatment. There was no pain at all.



Dr Ee ensured that I received the full 900 shots on my face and neck.


4 months after Thermage treatment, my skin is tighter. I did not receive any fillers for my nasal folds this time. Thermage has helped me tighten the skin and my nasal folds do not look so obvious anymore.

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What exactly is Thermage and what can it do for your skin?

1) What is Thermage? How does it work?

Thermage is a treatment that uses patented radiofrequency to safely heat the deeper layers of your skin, stimulating your existing collagen and promoting new collagen growth.

2) Who is suitable for Thermage?

Any patients above the age of 30, with early signs of ageing or for the prevention of ageing can undergo the Thermage.

3) Would Thermage treatment benefit everyone who does this treatment?

Yes, however those patients who have depressed acne scars would do better with Infini, which is a microneedle fractional frequency treatment used to improve the depressed scars and tighten the skin.

4) What changes would I see after Thermage?

You should see a more defined jaw line, a better jaw to neck definition, a lifted mid-face with less jowls and less prominent naso-labial folds and improvement of fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes.

5) Is Thermage safe? What are the side effects?

Thermage is safe. There is no down time and no redness or bruising. The only side effect is the possibility of tiny small blisters forming. These are extremely small and resolve without any marks.

6) How many sessions of Thermage treatments are required to see results?

Just a single session of Thermage is sufficient.

7) How long does one Thermage treatment take?

One Thermage usually takes about an hr.

8) Is the Thermage procedure painful?

The latest Thermage CPT is much more comfortable than the previous technology. There is hardly any pain now and staff at The Clifford Clinic will apply some numbing cream to make the procedure even more comfortable.

9) When can i see the results?

Usually you can see some results in about a month and you would continue to see more improvement over the following few months.

10) Is there any downtime? How should I take care of my face after Thermage treatment?

There is no down time and no aftercare is required. You can reapply make up if required, you can go to the gym or exercise. You can even go back to work for meetings.


I plan to go for more Thermage treatments! Within 30 days post treatment, my jawline looked very toned and defined, the lines on my neck looked faint. On the 3rd month post procedure, my nasal folds looks less obvious. The lines at the corner of my mouth is also lifted. My friends felt that I looked a lot younger. I personally feel that Thermage gives me the results I expect from a minor facelift. I would recommend trying Thermage before you decide to go for a face lift as Thermage has no downtime at all.

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In addition, if you have acne scar and pigmentation problems, Dr Ee is also able to get of them to help you achieve a more radiant and luminous skin!


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