Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM) Therapy has become very popular recently in Singapore. It is used together with slimming machines as well as facial treatments. It is believed that TCM is effective in treating the problems from its roots by balancing one's yin and yang.

Supreme Q.X. Beauty Spa has been voted the most popular spa specializing in TCM methods. At Supreme Q.X. Beauty Spa, they incorporate both Western and Eastern techniques coupled with advanced technology to achieve high quality, long-lasting results. Their newest series of treatments is the Ice’s Secret Pure Radiance Treatment Series, an instant brightening treatment that uses state-of-the-art technology to detoxify and lift the skin, improving skin troubles and giving it everlasting radiance. Immediate results are noticed after each treatment, this includes removing dullness and smoothening out fine lines and creases on the skin.


I tried their Supreme Q.X. Beauty Spa's Pure Radiance Treatment the other day. What sets Supreme Q.X. Beauty Spa's Pure Radiance Treatment apart from other facial treatments is the unique patented technology from Japan – Ice’s Secret Multi-Power Device. This is the special device shown here.


This device works with the natural electric waves in our body, drawing toxins and excess fluids away from the face, to be processed and eliminated by the lymphatic system. My treatment was catered to my needs, and was suitable for my sensitive skin too. Customized products were used according to my sensitive skin for smoothening, firming, hydrating and purifying benefits on top of its whitening and brightening effect.

Prior to the treatment, the founder of Supreme QX Beauty Spa --- Dato Icemichelle Chen, explained to me the benefits of using TCM with modern technology. She was very patient and knowledgeable. She looked so beautiful, graceful and youthful for her age too.


During the Supreme QX Beauty Spa's Pure Radiance Treatment, a cleansing and exfoliation was first done on my face. The therapist removed my make-up carefully and precisely as I told her that I had a nose implant. The therapist was very careful when doing my entire treatment. No extraction was done during this treatment though.


After my make-up was removed, Dato Icemichelle Chen checked my skin and she mentioned that my skin was very dehydrated from the lasers that I am so fond of. She also mentioned that my skin was very sensitized. Sensitized skin is a growing phenomenon worldwide and sensitized skin is caused by the increased exposure to pollution, stress and chemicals. She told me that she would use a collagen mask on me that helps to increase the moisture in my skin after just one treatment.


Next, the therapist applied an ampoule all over my face before the Ice’s Secret Multi-Power Device was used on my skin. When the therapist used the Ice’s Secret Multi-Power Device on my face, I felt a gentle electrical stimulation. This microcurrent treatment felt comfortable and soothing. IF you have metal implants in your facial area, manual drainage by hand massage would be conducted instead of using the Ice’s Secret Multi-Power Device.


The therapist did a facial massage for me after using the Ice’s Secret Multi-Power Device. This helped to further drain my face of toxins. After the facial massage, they applied a special imported collagen mask on my skin. This collagen mask is a fine-pored and velvety mask, constructed from non-woven collagen tissues. It is saturated with scientifically-proven active ingredients that re-hydrate, rejuvenate, repair and soften the skin. It thoroughly moisturises, firms and repairs the skin. This collagen mask is able to boost the moisture level in one's skin and had a long-term hydrating effect on my face. It also had an impressive calming effect and removed all the redness on my sensitized face. The collagen mask contains an active ingredient called Lyophilized collagen which provides an optimum release of moisture, reduce irritation and soothe the skin from itching.

This is how the mask looks prior to being applied.


When the mask was applied to my face, i felt an instantly cooling sensation immediately.



The collagen mask was pretty magical. After the application, I waited for the mask work its magic. Before this Supreme Q.X. Beauty Spa's Pure Radiance Treatment, my skin was very parched, dry and red. But immediately after the treatment, my skin has never felt softer. After the facial, I applied my makeup and had luminous skin for the entire day. This therapeutic and non-invasive treatment at Supreme Q.X. Beauty Spa gave me bright and moisturised skin after just 90 minutes.

Look at how my face glowed while I was shopping for new sports wear at Mizuno located at Velocity @ Novena.


Supreme Q.X Beauty Spa would like to offer my readers special promotional prices for the Ice's Secret Pure Radiance Treatment Series at the trial price. On top of that, readers will receive a complimentary Ice’s Secret Signature Eye’s Dark Circle Treatment U.P.: $138 for they come for any trial treatment.

You can make purchase online via this link: or book a session by calling up the spa directly. Please feel free to contact Supreme QX Beauty Spa for any queries.

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