Cajun On Wheels is one of the stalls located at At PasarBella Suntec City. It is easy to spot Cajun on Wheels with its big crab as the mascot.

Cajun on Wheels is a seafood chain that provides the enjoyment of premium seafood dishes in true American fashion. The search for quality seafood is now over with this new Louisiana-style seafood cuisine.


I went to Cajun on Wheels for lunch and look at how excited my son was!

p/s : Eyebrows on fleek because I did my eyebrow embroidery in Singapore. 
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Cajun on Wheels Menu 


Flexing Mussels ($18) with Cheesy Cream sauce

We ordered the Flexing Mussels ($18) served with Cheesy Cream sauce. This dish was simply divine. I was literally scrapping away to get at that creamy cheesy garlicky mussel sauce.




 Oh Crab! 800gm ($69) with Chilli Egg sauce

We also ordered the Oh Crab! 800gm ($69) which was served with Chilli Egg sauce. This was a true blue Singaporean dish. This dish at Cajun on Wheels is perfect for entertaining your overseas guests or simply when you want to have a crab feast. The chilli egg sauce was paired beautifully with the fresh succulent crabs.




Even my son was trying his best to get a taste of that famous Cajun on Wheels' Crab Chilli egg sauce!! He had a lick of it and he told me that its too spicy for him.


Cajun on Wheels' Seafood Platter ($28)

Next up! Cajun on Wheels' Seafood Platter ($28) which comes with Sambal Mayo and Chill Tomato Concasse dips. Love the SPAM FRIES, bite-size fish, deep-fried shrimp and fries. Excellent quality for the price. My son ate so much fish. This was truly a treat for him.







Insane Shrimp ($28) with Cajun Cheese sauce

And we also had Cajun on Wheels' Insane Shrimp ($28) which was served with Cajun Cheese sauce. If you are a fan of cheese, then you have simply have to try this! I love the consistency of this cheese sauce, not too sticky and perfectly creamy. In the Insane Shrimp Bucket, you are able to taste corn on the cob, small roasted potatoes, SPAM fries and fresh prawns. I have never tasted corn served this way and BOY was it good!



Cajun Rice Pilaf ($2.50)

We ordered the Cajun Rice Pilaf ($2.50) as a side dish. I really love the esoteric, well seasoned flavor of the Cajun Pilaf Rice. This is truly rice with a kick! We loved how this side dish complemented our main dish so well. We drizzled our favourite sauces and devoured this dish!


Truffle Sweet Potato Fries ($4)

Lastly, we had the Truffle Sweet Potato Fries ($4) served as a side dish. These sweet potato fries are not to be missed. Cajun on Wheels' Truffle Sweet Potato Fries was able to capture the full aroma and complex flavor of truffles in this simple dish. I ate most of it.



Conclusion :

Cajun on Wheels is a great seafood treat for the whole family. We ordered the larger sharing buckets for 2-3 people. The authentic seafood cuisine is easily up for grabs for any type of seafood lover. At Cajun on Wheels, you can also choose from the Ocean Boxes for a convenient takeaway option which includes a main seafood item and choose from a wide selection of wholesome side-dishes. I have to say I have been eating seafood for many years and I would gladly say that Cajun on Wheels is in my top 3 favourite seafood places to go in Singapore. Lunch was so good, the serving was perfect, nothing was left after we were done eating. The sauces were delicious and kept us longing for more.


Address            : 3 Temasek Boulevard #01-455 Unit 01-K41 Suntec City Mall Singapore 038983

Opening hours : Monday to Friday 11am to 10pm ; Saturday and Sunday 12pm to 10pm

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