I have been diligently working out. On top of that, I have also been undergoing 3D Lipo Med and other slimming sessions at Spa Infinity to help me in my weight loss journey.

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The 3D Lipo Med machine uses the Cryolipolysis and Cavitation method to shrink and convert my fat cells into liquid fats, which can then be naturally drained by my body's lymphatic drainage system.

This is the 3D Lipo Med machine at Spa Infinity.



My therapist at Spa Infinity is called Win. She is very patient and professional. She is very systemic and thorough while using the 3D Lipo Med machine on my body.


So what exactly is the 3D Lipo Med machine about?

The 3D Lipo Med machine is used for skin tightening, fat and cellulite reduction.

The 3D LipoMed machine has the following components : 

♥ Cryolipolysis

The treatment principle of Cryolipolysis is based on the scientific fact that Triglyceride  (the main constituent of body fat) will be solidified under 4°C, through the non-invasive headpiece that transmits the cryo effect to the localized fat reducing part. The freezed fat cells begin to shrink and die through a process called "apoptosis". These damaged fat cells are then slowly dissolved over several months by our bodies and removed through the liver. This technology is highly effective and is producing consistent results for localized areas of fat like the love-handles or 'man-boobs', though larger areas of fat may require more invasive treatments. There is no damage to other tissue types except the fat cells.

According to clinical researches, Cryolipolysis can reduce the thickness of fat layer by 25% just within 2-4 months.

Benefits of 3D Lipo Med Cryolipolysis : 

♥ Helps remove the stubborn pockets of fat through a natural removal process

♥ Uses accelerated cryolipolysis that is able to increase the rate of freezing on fat cells.

♥ Achieves the same result as the other Cryoliopolysis device in half the time and half the cost

So far, I have not tried the 3D Lipo Med Cryolipolysis component in the 3D Lipo Med machine.

♥ Cavitation

Cavitation is best used for hard fat reduction. The Cavitation applicator is a 4 pad system with 2
concave pads and 2 flat pads. It uses ultrasound transducers to target localised cellulite and deep fat
removal by causing the fat cell membrane to disintegrate into liquid state, resulting in natural fat loss.

Win, my therapist has always been using this cavitation applicator during my slimming sessions at Spa Infinity.


♥ 3D Dermology

This cellulite buster component of 3D Lipo Med machine utilizes vacuum skin rolling to effectively target and destroy cellulite for a smoother skin appearance.

I have not tried this the 3D Dermology component in the 3D Lipo Med machine.


♥ Radio Frequency

This is the Radio Frequency applicator on the 3D Lipo Med machine.

I have not tried the Radio Frequency applicator on the 3D Lipo Med machine yet. Usually, Win would use another Radio Frequency machine for me. 


Cellulite buster

The 3D Lipo Med machine can also be used for cellulite reduction & lymphatic drainage.

You can watch this video to understand how the 3D Lipo Med machine works :

After using the 3D Lipo Med machine on me, Win will also use their Radio Frequency machine on me.

Radio Frequency body contouring promises to tighten the loose skin and improve your skin tone, without any pain or downtime at all. ​

The treatment that is offered by Spa Infinity is a non-invasive, pain-free body treatment to help reduce the appearance of cellulite, firm skin, boost collagen production and tackle any pesky fatty deposits that won't budge with exercise.

How does Radio Frequency body contouring work?

​At Spa Infinity, their radio frequency treatments deliver a small electrical current to my skin, it then heats up and penetrates deeper and reaches the more superficial layers.

The heat from the Radio Frequency helps to tighten and rejuvenate the skin and smoothing the appearance of cellulite. It would also reduce pockets of fat at the same time. 


Sometimes after my Radio Frequency Body Contouring session, Win will wrap me up in a hot blanket to help me to detox and get rid of water retention.  


Every session at Spa Infinity has been very comfortable and every treatment itself is surprisingly relaxing. Win is very patient and would answer to all my queries. Each area of my body is treated for 20-30 minutes using the 3D Lipo Med machine. After that, each area of my body is then treated for 10 minutes using the Radio Frequency Body Contouring machine. Most times, Win's techniques is soooooo relaxing that I would actually fall asleep. As for results from the slimming treatments, I would have to finish up my package before I can comment on this. Stay tuned to see my results!