I love BAKING!!!!!!! Here are some of the cakes I baked in Europe. 

Matcha Cheesecake

Gluten free sugarless matcha cheesecake
with homemade matcha macarons

Salted caramel cake

Valrhona Chocolate bailey cake with salted caramel frosting, 
topped with dark chocolate drips, homemade raspberry macarons and fresh berries.

Storm Trooper Galaxy Cake 

Chocolate layers + chocolate buttercream filling + 
covered with swiss meringue buttercream using a Galaxy effect + 
handmade Storm Trooper fondant


Reindeer cake 

2 layers of Valrhona chocolate cake +
1 layer of Japanese cheesecake +
Covered it with Valrhona chocolate buttercream + 
Fondant decorations


Unicorn cake with hand-piped buttercream flowers

Valrhona chocolate layers with vanilla swiss meringue buttercream +
 unicorn fondant hand cut design.


I have a pretty well-equipped kitchen in Europe. Every week I would make something with my son Raedon. We would make chocolate chip cookies for my husband to bring to work or healthy pumpkin cookies with no flour no sugar no butter. Raedon and I would also make cakes for charity together. He would help me with measurements, stirring and scooping the batter into the cupcake liners. 

However, in Singapore, we do not have an oven. Out kitchenaid mixer is in Europe too so it is difficult for us to bake together. He has been asking me to bake cookies with him. I think he loves to play with the cookie dough. I have conjured up special recipes for Raedon because I do not want him to eat too much sugar. Most of the desserts I make for him is healthy and made with less fat, and the taste is still very flavorful! 

So I decided to look for a children's baking class for Raedon in Singapore. I found Spurbox : http://spurbox.com/

SpurBox believes that children should be provided with a fun and nonrestrictive environment for conducive learning. And so I quickly signed up for their "Festive Baking Class : Pop Pop! Cake Pops!"

This is the class which we attended :

They have lots of other baking classes and it is a perfect parent children bonding activity. Children below 5 should be accompanied by an adult during the baking class.

The teacher explained to the entire class what we were supposed to do. Raedon was pretty excited and he asked me repeatedly if we were making cookies.  I have not made any cake pops with Raedon before. This is our first time making cake pops together. 


We went back to our allocated space and Raedon started to prepare his utensils.




The first step was to SMASH the butter cake. As this was a cake pop class, there was no baking involved. We were provided with all the materials to make the cake pop. Raedon had fun smashing the butter cake.



Raedon and I mixed the buttercream with the cake crumbs. We then rolled a ball of cake between our cupped hands by applying firm and then gentle pressure.We made 4 balls in total.



We were each given a leaflet to refer to in case we forgot the itinerary for the class.



After we were done shaping the cake balls, the teachers placed the cake balls into the freezer. This will help them firm up before the dipping process. While we were waiting for the cake balls to firm up, we sat down and listened to a story. The teacher told us a story about a wizard who gave the King a hen that laid golden eggs. In order to protect his magic hen, the King hide his magic hen and replace it with an ordinary hen. One day, the King found a rabbit instead of the magic hen! All of us had fun listening to this story.


They used handmade puppets to tell the story and Raedon paid attention throughout the story.




After the story telling session, the teacher taught us how to make an easter bunny and a carrot. Raedon and I had fun trying to make this Easter Bunny and the carrot.


After we were done with our handicraft, we gathered at the teacher's table. She showed us how to turn the plain cake balls into these BEAUTIFUL EASTER themed cake pops!


We stuck on a stick and dipped the cake balls into a cup of melted chocolate. We added ears and eyes for the bunnies and also decorated the chick. The last cake pop we decided to add some sprinkles! I think we did an awesome job!!!


When we were done, the teacher packed all the cake pops we made into a small box for us to bring home. Thank you for being so patient with us. We hope to join more of your baking classes soon!


Spurbox is located inside the The Little Arts Academy.



Both of us enjoyed ourselves at this cake pop making class. Spurbox is very organised and detailed. They were able to capture the kid's attention well. Spurbox also encourages the kids to be creative and independent. We would definitely sign up for another baking class when we are back in Singapore again.

Spurbox has many upcoming events, SPURBOX is holding a Festive Baking Class : Fruit Tartlets for Mother's Day.

Check out the other workshops too. 

If you wish to find out more information, they are on : 

Address               : 1 Selegie Road , Pomo shopping mall, #05-01, The Little Arts Academy,              

Facebook             : https://www.facebook.com/spurboxed/

Spurbox Website : www.spurbox.com