I desperately want to lose weight specifically the pregnancy weight that has been following me like a plague. After explanting my breast implants, my tummy has been looking larger than life ( literally ). I have read about Active Hive's fat burning workout and have been wanting to try it since last year, but I was not suitable for the program because of my breast implants. The infrared technology used in the Active Hive Minus Calories workout is not suitable for those with implants in the body.

The Active Hive Minus Calories Workout specifically targets fat burning, detoxing and allows you to lose weight the healthy way. In addition, this amazing workout helps to tone and firm your body. It further strengthens your calf muscles, thighs and buttocks, making them shapely and firmer. A session lasting 30 minutes using the Minus Calories machine is equivalent to around 2 hours of gym or aerobic exercise.

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I had a full body composition analysis done prior to my workout. 
My weight is currently 54.4kg. 
My fat percentage is 29.7%. 
Amount of fat mass in my body is 16.2kg. 
My Basal metabolic rate (BMR)*** is 1142 kcal.  
My metabolic age is 33 ( which is my actual age ). 

***Basal metabolic rate (BMR) is the amount of energy expended while at rest in a neutrally temperate environment.


Before I met my husband my weight was 42kg. Before I got pregnant, my weight was 48kg.
I just want to be SLIM AGAIN!!!!!!!!!

The minus calories machine at Active Hive.



An anti-cellulite and body sculpting cream was applied to my tummy, butt and thighs before the workout started. You can watch your favourite TV shows on the TV screen while you worked out.
I watched a Korean drama called "Splash Splash Love" while I worked out.


What is special about this Minus Calories Machine is that it uses Infrared Technology coupled with their special anti-cellulite and body sculpting cream.

The Minus Calories Machine uses technology that incorporates Infrared and Ionised
Air to optimize fat burning. The Infrared technology has a wide range
of benefits, such as stimulating collagen production, treating skin
problems, reducing cellulite, reducing body aches or pain and
improving your immune system. It will stimulate collagen
production to firm, tighten and smoothen your skin. It helps you to
achieve these benefits by improving the rate of blood circulation,
metabolism and absorption of Anti-Cellulite and Body Sculpt
Cream (for women).


I had no makeup on while I exercised. During the Minus Calories 
Workout, Ionized Air is released through a vent from the machine.
Coupled with Ionized Air, the Minus Calories Workout provides you with a 
holistic workout aimed to burn fat effectively and improve your fitness in the
shortest time. Ionized Air supplies purified oxygen to rejuvenate your
skin cells and improve your respiratory system. It also speeds up the
process of purging body toxins and weight loss. You will also be able
to feel your stamina and energy levels improve within a shorter period
of time.


I exercised on the Minus Calories machine for 32 minutes and burnt 595 calories. This is my first time doing the workout but the next time, I know I can do better.


Fresh xiao bai cai, orange, carrot, cucumber and apple juice was prepared for me after my workout.


Cold-pressed juices are served fresh after every session, an absolutely rewarding
perk after exercising! Lots of organic chia seed was added to my cup of juice too!


The Minus Calories workout is suitable for anyone who desires a healthy, toned and fit body and is responsible enough to put in the appropriate effort. You can achieve better results in a shorter period of time, losing unwanted weight in an ideal and safe manner, by incorporating the Right Exercise with our modern technology.  

The key point is NO EXTREME DIETING is needed.

With fast and sustainable results, you can build up your stamina, strength, endurance, effectively burn fat, lose weight and maintain a healthy BMI.

I am hoping that with the Minus Calories Workout, I am able to lose 6kg before going back to Europe to see my husband! I would keep you guys updated on my progress.

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