While I am in Singapore, I try my best to eat lots of Singaporean food. Boy, am I glad to find out about Gu Ma Jia 姑妈家私房菜

Gu Ma Jia 姑妈家私房菜 has a wide selection of palatable home-cooked dishes at the restaurant.


I went for dinner with my friend and son. The founder of Gu Ma Jia 姑妈家私房菜 is standing behind me. 姑妈 Gu Ma, the iconic figure on Gu Ma Jia’s logo, has a strong passion for cooking, especially scrumptious home-cooked dishes. She is the face of Gu Ma Jia, a Chinese restaurant established since November 2009 that serves up a variety of home-cooked dishes for families to enjoy and bond over food.

Her real name is Chan Mei Yan. Growing up in Pulau Ubin, Gu Ma literally grew up cooking dishes for her other siblings from when she was young. She experimented with cooking as young as 7 years old, having had to scramble onto a stool just to be able to even reach the stove. The natural environment in which she grew up around had abundance of seafood, where Gu Ma would handpick the good fresh seafood to create a satisfying dish for meals. Oysters stuck along a bridge at Gu Ma’s home back then were one of her favourites, allowing her and her siblings to share the freshness of these oysters. This shaped Gu Ma’s mentality positively, always ensuring that Gu Ma Jia serves up fresh and delicious seafood dishes to everyone. Gu Ma’s inquisitive nature also encouraged her to come up with ideas to constantly improve her cooking, a trait that she embodies even till today.


Gu Ma's Homemade Vinegar Enzyme Drink (S$4.80)

While in Europe, I would ferment my own vinegar enzyme at home. And I strongly believe in the benefits of homemade vinegar enzyme drinks!

Gu Ma ferments her own enzymes at the restaurant, so this drink is a must try!!!!

Enzymes are live bacteria with protein molecules which aids in the biochemical processes in our body.


- Maintain a high alkaline blood ph.
- Improve the immune system.
- Improve the digestive system and relieve constipation.
- An antioxidant that protects body cells from oxidation by neutralising free radicals.
- Lower cholesterol level.
- Consists of natural pro-biotic bacteria which breaks down protein and gets rid of unwanted bacteria and viruses.
- Contains Amylase which digests carbohydrates and gets rid of dead white blood cells.
- Contains Lipase which digests fat and balances the fatty acids in our body.


We ordered a few of Gu Ma Jia 姑妈家私房菜's signature dishes.
This is one of Gu Ma Jia's signature dishes.

Assam Fish Head ($28)

This signature dish is a hot favourite and a must-try for every customer. Fish heads are freshly picked daily, guaranteeing freshness. The fish is tender and juicy, complemented by Gu Ma Jia’s exclusive spicy and sour Assam blend gravy. While the Assam gravy is light on tongues, it also accentuates the freshness of the fish, making this dish an enjoyable home-cooked favourite.



Kyoto Pork Ribs ($20)

Tender pork ribs are served in aluminum foil to retain the juiciness and natural flavors of the ribs. Drenched in sweet tangy sauce, the dish is sweet and savory at the same time. An exquisitely delectable dish, it is a favourite among Gu Ma Jia regulars.

This is my favourite dish!!!!!!! It is so juicy and tasty and it has a slight alcoholic taste. Perfect dish for me!




Yuan Yang Kai Lan 

This dish features Kai Lan vegetables cooked in two styles, blanched and fried. Crispy Kai Lan leaves are deep- fried to perfection, coupled with thick and crunchy Kai Lan stems. The fried crispy tasty leaves are a huge hit, especially with kids.


This is my son's favourite dish!!!! He is usually such a picky eater but when he does eat........ he truly enjoyed each and every bite! It makes me soooooo happy to see him enjoying his food.






Clay pot Chicken with Ginger & Sesame Oil ($15/$22/$28)

Tender Chicken with fragrant ginger and sesame oil that will tantalize both adults and children, a nutritious yet homely dish that is highly popular.


Gu Ma’s Signature Bean Curd (S$16)
The tofu is disintegrated then mixed with minced meat and some spices before being deep fried. This dish comes with its own handmade chilli sauce which matches the signature bean curd perfectly.


Prawns with Salted Egg Yolk (S$20/30/40)

The prawns were coated with a luscious sauce made with salted egg yolk and butter AND it was SIMPLY scrumptious. My second favourite dish from Gu Ma Jia 姑妈家私房菜.


Gu Ma's Dessert $4

This is my favourite dessert. Each mouthful makes me feel like I am eating my way to youth. This is a hot dessert with wolf berries, white fungus and gingko nuts. Not too sweet and the white fungus is full of collagen too!


Black Glutinous Rice with Ice Cream (cold/hot) $4.80

My son enjoyed every spoonful of this dessert. Perfect combination in every mouthful!


Mango Pudding Pop $4
I ate the pudding and my son ate the orange pops on top of it. He kept saying, "Pop! pop! More pop!" 



Vinegar Enzyme Jelly ($5.80) 

This vinegar enzyme jelly tastes similar to the vinegar enzyme drink except that this comes in a firm jelly form. 


Conclusion :

I like enjoyed the company as much as the food. Gu Ma took the time to explain to us what each and every dish consisted of. She also shared some of her recipes with us which made me very happy. I am returning back to Europe in May and am excited to cook these new soup recipes for my husband. The restaurant had such a homely feel, it felt like I was going 'home' to enjoy delicious home-cooked food. Each dish was prepared with love and care and tasted very fresh. We enjoyed ourselves very much!

Gu Ma Jia 姑妈家私房菜
Address             : 45 Tai Thong Crescent Sennett Estate Singapore 347866
Weekdays         : 11am to 2.30pm, 5.30pm to 10pm.
Weekends/  PH : 11am to 10pm
Website             :  http://gumajia.com.sg/

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