I had a dinner date with my mummy and my son the other day at CoCoICHIBANYA Japanese Restaurant. We went to the Plaza Singapura outlet.

CoCoICHIBANYA Japanese Restaurant is touted as the World’s No. 1 Japanese Curry Restaurant.

History of CoCoICHIBANYA Japanese Restaurant :

In January 1978, the first “Curry House CoCoICHIBANYA” outlet was opened in Nishi-Biwajima-cho in the outskirts of Nagoya. By May 1994, CoCoICHIBANYA was opened in all 47 prefectures in Japan, summing up to 300 stores in Japan. In the same year, CoCoICHIBANYA received the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Award, and the first overseas restaurant was opened in Oahu, Hawaii. From 2004 on wards, CoCoICHIBANYA continued its expansion to China, Taiwan, South Korea, Thailand, Hong Kong, USA and finally in 2011, Singapore.

In 2013, CoCoICHIBANYA was certified as the largest curry restaurant chain in the world by Guinness World Records and continued to expand to Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines. While garnering various achievements worldwide, CoCoICHIBANYA now has more than 1,400 outlets.


CocoICHIBANYA's menu is very unique. You can customise your entire meal.

Step 1 : Select the desired items from the menu.

Step 2 : Customise the quantity of rice.
If you want 150g of rice, the price is cheaper by S$1!
230g of rice is the normal amount.
350g of rice, there is an additional charge of S$1.50.

Step 3 : Customise the spice level.
Choose from mild flavor, original flavor or levels 1 to 5!

Step 4 : Do you want additional curry sauce?
For 100g of additional sauce, you just need to pay S$2.50 more! 

You can also add these to your meal!!!  
With so many items to choose from, you are indeed spoilt for choice.


Different spice levels to choose from!
I tried every one of these and at level 3, I nearly died! It is too spicy for me at level 3.
But my mummy loved the level 5! Everyone has their own preference!
My son loved the mild flavor which is suitable for kids.


Raedon after trying the different curry sauces.




We ordered a combination salad which comprises of tuna, corn and egg served on a bed of salad vegetables. We asked for Goma dressing which is my favourite type of Japanese salad dressing.


Raedon had the kid's meal and look at the cute scrambled egg with a smiley face on it!
He immediately attacked the fries and corn.





Raedon's meal came with a dessert too!

I ordered the Pork Cutlet Omelette curry with 150g of rice. The level of curry I chose was normal.
The egg was perfect; very silky, runny and light. The deep fried pork cutlet was crispy on the outside and tender and moist on the inside. Dipping the pork cutlet into the curry sauce was the best combination!


My mummy ordered the Black Pepper Chicken Curry. Her curry level was level 3. She liked her food spicy and fiery! The black chicken was well marinated and the black pepper sauce was not over powering.


Our friends ordered the mushroom omelette curry rice. Their curry level was level 4.

Raedon was too busy eating to take a photo with us. 
He is such a fussy and difficult eater but he liked the food 
at CocoICHIBANYA Japanese Restaurant.


Having originated in the outskirts of Nagoya, Japan in 1978, CoCoICHIBANYA continues to impress with its tasty and addictive curry around the world. Whilst providing a convenient setting and fast-paced service, the flavours and food are always of top-grade quality. Attracting all demographics from various walks of life, the food at CoCoICHIBANYA never fails to put a smile on anyone’s face. The mild curry sauce that is not spicy at all also satisfies the kids’ appetites with its tastiness.

Currently, CoCoICHIBANYA is the only curry house in Singapore with such a wide selection in its menu. It has countless curry rice and omelette curry rice selections to choose from, leaving curry lovers spoilt for choice. From various renditions of chicken to a number of preparation styles of beef and even seafood and vegetarian options, any diner would find an item to their liking easily.

Adding to the existing variety of options, there is even the option to make your own curry rice! Customers can choose to adjust the amount of curry, amount of rice, spiciness level and add any number of toppings according to their preference.

Previously, CoCoICHIBANYA’s curry was prepared with beef stock. However, the old ingredients have now been scrapped for a vegetarian formulation to recreate the signature mildly sweet and rich Japanese curry that it is known for. This has brought convenience to curry lovers who may not have been able to consume beef, yet it has not compromised its original taste that its loyal fans crave for. 

CocoICHIBANYA Japanese Restaurant is having a promotion now for both their kids and adult's menu.


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We enjoyed our dinner at CocoICHIBANYA Japanese Restaurant very much. The place was conveniently located at Plaza Singapura which is easily accessible by car or public transport. The nearest MRT is Dhoby Ghaut MRT station. The waiter was very friendly and patient and explained to us the steps to order our meal. I like that everything can be customised as I personally do not eat a lot of carbs. I am able to tell them to give me less rice. I also do not like spicy food and I am able to control the level of spiciness in my curry. My mummy who loves spicy food can also choose her favourite level of spice. This would be my go to place for Japanese curry anytime!

WEBSITE         : http://cocoichibanya.com.sg/

FACEBOOK     :  https://www.facebook.com/CoCoICHIBANYAsingapore/

INSTAGRAM   : https://instagram.com/cocoichibanyasg/ 􏰀 

TWITTER         : https://twitter.com/cocoichibanyasg/ 

ADDRESS        :  68 Orchard Road, Plaza Singapura NEW EXTENSION WING, #03-73 (S) 238839

CONTACT        :  6238 7539

Sun – Thur: 10am to 10pm
Fri – Sat: 10am to 11pm
* Last order is 30 minutes before closing time.