Confinement is the time when a woman has to heal and prepare her body for life after childbirth. Confinement helps a woman who has just given birth, time to recuperate and strengthen her body. Consuming certain foods and tonics during confinement helps to ensure good health.

I gave birth to Raedon in Europe and my husband helped to take care of me during my confinement period. We did not cook any traditional confinement food during my confinement period because it was too troublesome and taking care of Raedon was our primary concern. It was not easy being first time parents and we were living far away from our family. My husband took good care of both of us before my mother came to Europe to help us. My mother came to Europe when Raedon was 3 weeks old and she cooked the traditional confinement food like Braised Pig’s Trotters with black vinegar, stir fried ginger chicken and her heavenly fish soup. When my mother came to Europe, she provided a safe haven of comfort and wisdom for us.

That was 2 years ago, look how much Raedon has grown.

When he was 2 weeks old.....


When he was 1.5 years old.....


Photo taken recently at 2 years old.....


Raedon has grown so much. A few days ago, Raedon and I took a 17 hours flight back from Europe to Singapore, just the two of us. He was such a co-operative toddler on the flight. He slept for 11 hours and did some coloring and watched a movie the rest of the flight. I am so proud of him.

Raedon sleeping on the airplane. 
I applied a thick layer of moisturiser on his face 
because I didn't want him to have dry skin.


After resting at home for a few days, we decided to bring our pregnant friend to try out some confinement food at THE NATAL KITCHEN so that she can decide if she wants to order the confinement food after she has given birth.

In Singapore, it is so convenient for mothers who had just given birth. You can simply order confinement food and have it delivered to your doorstep while you concentrate on taking care of the newborn baby. Newborn babies are a lot of work. Parents have to attend to the baby's every need like providing basic baby care, baby baths, burping the newborn baby, dealing with a crying baby and breastfeeding. OH GOD!!!!!!!!! Breastfeeding is sooooooo much work especially for a first time mother. It saves one time and effort if you do not need to worry about cooking and preparing confinement food. Grandparents and maids who are helping can spend all their energy taking care of the newborn baby and the recuperating mother instead of worrying about what to cook.

During confinement, mothers are required to eat a variety of dishes that will “warm” the body up. These include ginger and traditional tonic brewed with herbs. They are believed to promote better blood circulation and strengthen the joints.

THE NATAL KITCHEN is committed to making sure that new mothers get all the proper nourishment & nutrition during confinement period to build up their health and energy in order to nurse themselves back to the pink of health so that they have the quality time to rest and care for their newborn child.

THE NATAL KITCHEN has a selection of authentic recipes for a well-balanced nourishing meals that has been repeatedly perfected and passed down from mothers to mothers through generations.

The Private Kitchen is a subsidiary of THE NATAL KITCHEN. You have to make a reservation to have your meals here. We made a reservation for the two of us and the owner came down with his very very CUTE SON who is only 2 weeks younger than Raedon.


Raedon has a play date with Eden!



Our first dish was THE NATAL KITCHEN's
藥膳干貝自制豆腐 (Herbal/Scallop Sauce Handmade Tofu).
This dish is not in their confinement menu.


Then we had the 薑絲麻油炒飯 (Sliced ginger/Sesame Oil fried rice)
 which was amazing!!! It was a huge serving and I shared the portion with my helper. 
Sesame Oil helps to enhance hair growth and is abundant in zinc which
boosts skin flexibility as well as maintain the skin's smoothness.
 Ginger is loaded with nutrients and bio active compounds that have powerful benefits
for your body and brain. Ginger is also used mainly to dispel “wind” from the body.
The Chinese believe that after giving birth, the new mother will have “wind” in her body.
 Ginger is also useful in supporting good intestinal digestion and overall blood circulation.


Next, THE NATAL KITCHEN served us the 古早木瓜魚湯 (Traditional Papaya Fish Soup) 
which is good for breastfeeding mothers. This dish also helps to boost the milk supply.
 This traditional Papaya Fish soup is a nourishing soup to purify the new mother's
blood and to improve blood circulation.


This is my favourite dish --- THE NATAL KITCHEN's 
當歸蒸排骨 (Steamed Pork Ribs with Dang Gui)!!!!!!!!
The meat was soooooo soft, it fell off the bones. 
This dish was bursting with flavor and had a hint of herbs that was not too overpowering.
 Dang Gui enhances blood circulation.


THE NATAL KITCHEN's Red Vinasse Chicken is naturally made with no additional coloring.
THE NATAL KITCHEN does not add MSG to its food so the taste is natural and wholesome.
特製紅糟雞 (The Natal Kitchen Red Vinasse Chicken)


Next, we ate the 港式蒸午魚 (Steam Thread Fin in Hong Kong style) which was very fresh.
THE NATAL KITCHEN added chinese wolfberry to the steamed fish which is high in antioxidants.
The wolfberry promotes good eyesight, restores the liver and kidney and boosts energy.


If you order their weekly delivery, THE NATAL KITCHEN would serve you 
a dessert every Friday. We ate the 芝麻糊 (Black sesame paste) from 
THE NATAL KITCHEN which is freshly made from scratch. 
They even added some white sesame and longans. 
Longan is probably the leading blood medicines of Chinese tonics. 
Longans are usually coupled with various other blood medications like Dang Gui 
and are widely used in confinement food. Longans are believed to help build 
up your energy and nurtures the heart too.


THE NATAL KITCHEN packs your daily meals in a vacuum packed container, 
delivered in a food warming bag. Each meal is cooked with love, prepared 
hygienically and sealed for freshness. THE NATAL KITCHEN's food is cooked 
fresh daily and all meals are prepared to nourish the new mother and help her in her recovery.


This sealing machine was a huge investment because the owners wanted
 to prevent food spillage and prevent the food from being tampered with.



1. Minimizing spillages as it is vacuumed sealed

2. Microwavable top seal and containers, HACCP approved for oven as mummies can easily pop the entire food bento inside the oven to heat them up if they want food/soup to be hot. Hassle free.

3. No unnecessary worries whether food has been tampered with by drivers/neighbors/passerbys walking along the corridors cause once the seal is opened, you will know right away.

Before the owners started the business,they did a lot of research. It took them 10 months to plan everything, from packaging and looking for a good venue to finding the correct chefs to prepare the food and consolidating secret recipes passed down from several grandmas. THE NATAL KITCHEN has 3 chefs, each with their own forte. Every fortnight, the chefs are required to come up with a new menu and both the owners will conduct a taste test before deciding to introduce the new dishes into THE NATAL KITCHEN's menu.

Extra servings are being prepared daily for quality control and to ensure food consistency. All food served do not contain MSG and are naturally flavored using herbs and minimal sea salt solely to bring out the food's natural taste. THE NATAL KITCHEN also makes it a point to buy fish, fresh from fish markets.

THE NATAL KITCHEN believes that all Mummies deserve the best after labour and will require the much needed nutrients during their confinement. Hence THE NATAL KITCHEN has a TCM and nutritionist advising them on what should be taken and what herbs are necessary for mummies. 


While we were busy eating, Little Eden ( the owner's son ) had a quick snack --- lemons. 



Here are some of the other confinement dishes that THE NATAL KITCHEN serves :

Photo 1st row from left to right
Rice wine ginger chicken
Lotus leaf chicken
Old school Braised Meat and Eggs

Photo 2nd row from left to right
Salmon in mirin sauce
Danggui chicken Roll
Chicken stew in 'Hua Diao' wine

Photo last row from left to right
Pig Trotter in black vinegar
Stir fry baby Kailan in ginger sauce
Steamed Egg custard with wolfberries


We truly enjoyed our lunch here. I think it might be time to plan for baby number 2 so that this time during my confinement, I can order confinement food from THE NATAL KITCHEN. =))))

THE NATAL KITCHEN has different confinement meal plans that are customized to your needs.

THE NATAL KITCHEN is the preferred confinement food caterer of Mount Alvernia and THE NATAL KITCHEN is Mount Alvernia's sole partner.

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