Do you have open pores or pock marks on your face? Do you find it difficult to conceal open pores or deep pitted scars on your face? Do you have open pores around your nose and cheeks? Do you have acne scars that are unsightly that resembles an orange peel? 

Many people who have deep pitted scars, pockmarks, open pores, deep con-caved scars and acne scars can feel very depressed or have low self esteem. 

But there is a cure for deep pitted scars, pockmarks, open pores, deep con-caved scars and acne scars .
AND the results are PERMANENT. 

I have open pores around my cheek areas and although I can cover them up temporarily with make-up, I wanted to get rid of them. Dr Gerard Ee from The Clifford Clinic told me that there are ways to get rid of them permanently.

Dr Gerard Ee suggested that I undergo the FRACTIONAL RADIO FREQUENCY INFINI TREATMENT to cure my open pores. I had tried the INFINI treatment before but I didn't have open pores during that time.

After giving birth, my skin has been having more issues than before.

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The FRACTIONAL RADIO FREQUENCY INFINI TREATMENT is the single best treatment for deep acne scars, open pores and pock marked skin. The depth of treatment can be up to 3.5mm deep. It penetrates deep into the skin and stimulates new skin growth and new collagen formation.

The FRACTIONAL RADIO FREQUENCY INFINI TREATMENT also makes your skin look clearer, brighter, more even and fresher.

The FRACTIONAL RADIO FREQUENCY INFINI TREATMENT  has minimal to no side effects and almost no downtime.

The FRACTIONAL RADIO FREQUENCY INFINI TREATMENT  penetrates deep down into the skin's dermis area to stimulate collagen production. The collagen produced would in turn make the skin more elastic, thus making it appear pore-free. The collagen resulting from this treatment would also make you look younger.

The FRACTIONAL RADIO FREQUENCY INFINI TREATMENT is an all rounded treatment that helps you achieve flawless looking skin.

I visited The Clifford Clinic on 11 August 2015 with my son. He waited for me while I did my FRACTIONAL RADIO FREQUENCY INFINI TREATMENT .

I love the Skinceutical products which I can purchase easily in Europe.
More on the Skinceutical products on the next blog post. 

The Clifford Clinic carries an extensive range of the Skinceutical products that
helps you maintain your skin after your treatments at the clinic.

I have to be honest with you, the last FRACTIONAL RADIO FREQUENCY INFINI TREATMENT I did in 2011 was a painful procedure because only numbing cream was used. This time, I had local anesthesia injected before the commencement of the treatment.
The local anesthesia injections was not painful for me because I was used to having nasal fillers done.
The local anesthesia injections helped in the pain management. I felt no pain at all throughout the

This was the "needle" used during the

Dr Gerard Ee administering the local local anesthesia before the FRACTIONAL RADIO FREQUENCY INFINI TREATMENT .

Dr Gerard Ee starting the 
on my cheeks.

There was no downtime for me except that my face looked abit red for the first 24 hours.
This is a close up of my skin 2 days after the
No make up was applied. No editing.

This is a close up of my face taken a few days ago. No make up was applied. No editing. 

Taken in Europe with minimal make up using my iphone.


What exactly is FRACTIONAL RADIO FREQUENCY INFINI TREATMENT and what can it do for your skin?

Here is a FAQ I prepared to help you understand more about the FRACTIONAL RADIO FREQUENCY INFINI TREATMENT :

1) What is the Infini machine used for?

The Infini machine is used for treatment of open pores, depressed and pitted acne scars. It can also be used for skin tightening and face lifting to improving sagging and wrinkles.

2) Is this treatment suitable for sensitive skin?

The treatment is suitable for sensitive skin, as there is no damage or trauma to the superficial surface of the skin.

3) What are the benefits?

As compared to the traditional fractional CO2 to treat acne scars, this treatment has a much shorter down time and has more significant results.

4) What are the possible side effects?

A very low chance of hyperpigmentation, which is reversible.

5) How long is the down time and how do i care for my skin post treatment? 

There is very mild redness. You can apply make up on the next day. You will be prescribed an antibiotic cream and a recovery cream post procedure to promote faster recovery.

6) When can one expect results and how many sessions does one need?

You can expect to see some results in 1 month after the treatment and you will continue to see more results up to 6 months post procedure. The number of sessions vary. Some patients need only one treatment while there are some that can do up to 6-8 times.

7) How much is each session?

It depends on how severe your condition is.

8) Is there any age limit to this treatment?

Teenagers age 18 and below will need parental consent.

9) Where is this machine from and does it have a proven successful track record?

The Infini machine is from Korea and it has been in the market for more than 10 years now.

10) How painful is this treatment?

Although the procedure sounds painful, with the application of numbing cream and some local anaesthetic injections, the procedure is relatively painless.

I have seen a 50% improvement in my open pores after only one session of the FRACTIONAL RADIO FREQUENCY INFINI TREATMENTI would most likely do for another session when I visit Singapore to truly achieve the "poreless skin". The FRACTIONAL RADIO FREQUENCY INFINI TREATMENT results in natural collagen production that fills in the indentations left behind from deep acne scars. The results are permanent. 

If you truly want flawless baby skin, visiting the right dermatologist for the right treatment is important. Anyone can treat their open pores or facial scars at any age, with the latest technology and a good dermatologist. Now with the FRACTIONAL RADIO FREQUENCY INFINI TREATMENT available, you too can get the flawless baby skin you want.

I am still on the route to flawless skin. People has been complimenting me when they see me face to face. My face looks clear and bright with make-up but I would still require some treatments to achieve my ideal flawless looking skin. I would continue to update with close-up photos on my journey to flawless skin.

Call 6532 2400 and book your appointment with DR GERARD EE if you have acne scar problems. He would be able to help you get rid of acne scars and pigmentations and also achieve a more radiant and luminous skin.

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