I have always been a big fan of fiber mascaras, so when I heard of the Faux Fayc Fiber mascara, I was really excited about it. After I received the Faux Fayc Fiber Mascara, I immediately tried it out and to my surprise, it worked like a charm. My lashes were longer and fuller immediately.

Left side   : Smashbox Full Exposure Fiber Mascara
Right side : Faux Fayc Fiber Mascara

Both eyes were treated with equal swipes of mascara. But look at the difference!!! 

The Faux Fayc Fiber Mascara comes in a set of 2.

 Natural fibers in a tube!!

How to apply?

1) Coat your lashes with a layer of transplanting gel.

2) Run the natural fibers through your eyelashes while they are still wet with the transplanting gel.
Note : To stop any clumpiness, apply the fibres just from mid to end of your lashes.

3) Apply another layer of transplanting gel, followed with another layer of natural fibers. Repeat until you achieve your desired length.

Left side    : Faux Fayc Fiber Mascara
Right side  : Luview's Gleam Full Long Lash Fiber Mascara

Verdict :

I absolutely adore this product. The effect is phenomenal and I will never use another mascara again.
Everyone I have seen since using this mascara has commented on my eyelashes. My eyes look amazing without any eyelash extensions and false eyelash. Hands down, best fiber mascara I have ever used!

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