I brought my mummy to Le spa for a 90 minute massage today.

Upon arriving at the spa, we were greeted by the receptionist who told us to take a seat first. Le Spa’s d├ęcor theme is different from that of Aramsa Spa or Spa Bontanica: it spots an oriental decor with black, red and gold furnishings. From the moment we passed through the door of Le Spa, we were whisked away from the urban frenzy of city life and transported to the peace and serenity of rural China. The Chinese decor, hot tea and comfortable seating area makes you feel very relaxed.

The 3 main types of massages offered at Le Spa are:

Le Urban Fusion ( light pressured massage )
Le Royal Balinese ( medium pressured massage )
Le Classic Swedish Retreats ( strong pressured massage )

The price of any of the above is :

30 Minutes for $38
60 Minutes for $60
90 Minutes for $90
120 Minutes for $120

If you have a special request, you can also ask for Le Imperial Indulgence where 2 therapists would massage you at the same time. Price for this treatment would be from $76 for 30 minutes.

They also have the Chinese Baguan services and Guasha treatments – known for their medical therapeutic effects - should you require this.

My mummy and I went for our 90 minutes massage in separate rooms. I chose the Le royal balinese massage while my mother chose to do the Swedish retreats. My room was of the right temperature. The therapist, Yoyo, was a Chinese national. One point to note was my therapist did not speak English at all. We conversed entirely in mandarin. After covering me with blankets, she was very attentive and gentle, and kept asking me if I felt comfortable. My legs were aching so bad from the Shape N Tone session at Zesty Kickz done on Thursday. I told her about my muscle aches and she concentrated on my legs. The pressure was perfect and she actually could get the knots out of my back and legs after 90 minutes.

My mummy enjoyed her massage too and she said that she fell asleep while being massaged. My mummy said that her therapist, Angel, was very professional too.

Here are the photos :

Reception counter of Le Spa
Just did CO2 laser at The Clifford Clinic 3 days ago,
so I only had on a layer of tinted moisturiser and eyeliner.

I did my massage in this room, unobstructed sight lines
gives the minimalist interiors a restful appeal.

In conclusion, our visit would have been perfect if the same level professionalism by the masseurs was displayed by the receptionists. Nevertheless, we went away feeling energised, revigourated and satisfied with our massages. Do note that Le Spa is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – night owls looking for a round of massage to soothe those tense muscles in the middle of the night can certainly give Le Spa a shot!

Le Spa
14 Gemmill Lane
Singapore 069253

6222 6803

Opening Hours:
24 hours, 7 days a week