It was a looong day for me today. First, I brought my mum for hydra facial and Q switch laser treatment at The Clifford Clinic. After the treatments, we went to Le Spa for a massage. A food tasting session at Aone Claypot House rounded off an eventful day.

I will blog about the treatments at The Clifford Clinic and the Le Spa massages in separate posts. You can read about the Le Spa massage here : Le Spa Review

This post is dedicated to the food tasting session at Aone Claypot House. It was one of the best meals I have had thus far since I came back to Singapore in December last year!

First of all, a little background story: Aone Claypot House started in 2008 as a food court stall. In 2011, due to its popularly, it expanded to 35 stalls island-wide at Food junction, Kopitiam and Koufu outlets. In 2012, they decided to concentrate their business on restaurants and ceased operations of their food court stalls. Their first restaurant is located at Bukit Panjang Plaza, and have since expanded to 9 outlets island-wide. Their 10th and latest outlet will be opened at Suntec City in April 2015.

Aone Claypot House has been awarded the Singapore Brand Award in 2012 and the Excellent Food Award in 2013.

Here are some photos of our food tasting session :

We went to the Aone Claypot House at Kallang Wave Mall.

Sooooo much food for 6 of us.

First up, we tasted the Dried scallop porridge with cereal shredded chicken. 
The porridge had a silky smooth texture and this could only be achieved by 
cooking the grains for a long time. The cereal is toasted and had a slight buttery 
smell. The porridge was topped with chives and crispy fried silver fish.

Next came my favourite dish: the claypot sesame oil chicken!! It is so delectable 
that I saved space and concentrated on “attacking” this dish. You definitely won't
 be disappointed!! One of the highlights is that they mix and prepare their own sesame 
oil, sprinkled with a dash of fresh white sesame seeds.

This is my favourite porridge from Aone Claypot House - the sliced fish porridge. 
 The ingredients consist of a mixture of squid, peanuts, sliced fish, Chinese dough 
fritters (aka You Tia) and topped with deep fried silver fish and chives.

This is the Premium Claypot and consists of toufu, sliced fish, different types 
of mushrooms, broccoli, scallop, fish maw and chopped veggies. My mum’s 
favourite dish!!

Hot plate beancurd with minced meat is one of Aone’s best selling dish. 
It complements the porridge very well and consists of fresh prawns, mushrooms, 
peppercorn, black fungus and carrots, topped with a dash of white sesame and chives.

The stir fried Kai Lan with silver fish is also one of customers’ to-go dishes 
to complement a balanced meal.

Kang kong with sambal is one of my favourite local veggie dishes – and Aone
 didn’t disappoint on this dish either. The sambal was flavoured with dried prawns
 and a hint of garlic. It was truly addictive and was snapped up very quickly.

My little big guy cannot wait to start eating the porridge!!! We brought out 
his own home-cooked porridge for him so he didn't get to try the food at Aone 
Claypot House.

This is the most crowd-pleasing dish! This is called the assorted vegetables 
in sambal aka the “Four Heavenly Kings” (四大天皇). It consists of deep fried 
fish, long beans, brinjal and French beans. All of us loved this dish and give it 6 
thumbs up!!! It has the 锅香 which is rare to find nowadays.

Everyone tucking in while I took the photo. My son was busy playing with his new friend.

"The food at Aone Claypot House is really finger licking good!!!"

Aone Claypot House Love Porridge Charity Day
Date : 10 Febuary 2015

Besides dishing our delicious gourmet, Aone Claypot House has a social heart too. It will be holding a fund raising campaign for the building of Rainbow Centre Singapore's new extension wing. Called the “Aone Claypot Host Love Porridge Charity Day”, the fund raising event will be held on 10 February 2015. Cash proceeds (only!!) from all 9 outlets on this day will be channelled to the Rainbow Centre Building Fund. In addition, you can drop by any of the outlets and get a chance to meet your favourite UFM 100.3 DJs.

For more information on the fund raising event, please refer to the poster below.

The special menu dedicated to this fund raising event is appended below.

In summary, I was pleasantly surprised with the standard of the dishes Aone had on offer. We have all been complaining about the dying trait of local dishes and hawker fare at one point or another. After this food tasting session, I for one have faith that Aone has the ability to continue to fly the local cuisine flag high!

Aone Claypot House

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