Raedon has been attending school every day for 2 hours while in Europe. Since we are in Singapore now, I wanted him to go for some structured learning so that he has time to play with others his age and also experience learning in a different environment. I brought him to a handful of trial classes from different schools. BUT when he went for his first trial at MY GYM Tampines, he was hooked!

He attends the Waddlers Class meant for kids between 8 to 18 months. He enjoyed the trial class so much, he conked out immediately after his dinner and he slept from 8pm till the next morning 8am. Raedon totally looks forward to his classes. The teachers at My Gym Tampines are very approachable, amicable and attentive. Each class usually consists of 7-8 kids with 2 teachers. Raedon attends the weekday classes. Only 1 parent or caretaker can accompany the child. All the kids get ample attention from the teachers. I would have loved to join in the fun with Raedon for the classes, but as I am still nursing my injured back, so our domestic helper accompanies him for the classes instead.

My Gym Tampines is very clean and well maintained. The gym stations and equipment used changes every week so there is a new "set-up" each time.

In the Waddlers Class, the routine usually goes like this :
❤  Welcome song
❤  Introduction
❤  Warm Up Time
❤  Song Time with actions
❤  Practising Skills like Headstand, Somersaults with aid etc.
❤  Free play and the kids would go around the gym and play whatever they want.
❤  Gym Station Time like swinging from a trapeze, balancing on a beam etc.
❤  Free play and the kids would go around the gym and play whatever they want.
❤  Sitting on a swing.
❤  Seperation Anxiety Session where the kids are left to play with their friends. Parents or Caretaker  
     would sit a distance away from the child.
❤  Puppet Show
❤  Goodbye Song

Raedon attends the weekday classes which lasts an hour. He is also entitled to free play sessions at My Gym Tampines. Free Play sessions are hour-long sessions of playing in the gym in a free, fun-filled and unstructured setting. During Free Play, there would be teachers stationed at the reception area should you need any help. One parent or one caretaker is allowed to accompany the child during Free Play sessions. During weekdays, the Free Play Sessions lasts 1 hour, and during weekends, 45 mins.

The price is $48 for 1 trial class.
For the Waddlers Class (8-18 month old) , it's $468 for a term of 10 lessons (1 hour per session) + 10 sessions of Free Play.

Because we are leaving in a few weeks’ time, we try our best to attend 2 lessons + 2 freeplay sessions every week. Raedon will surely be missing his regular dose of MyGym time while he’s away from Singapore!! =((

Here are some photos of his session at MY GYM TAMPINES

Wearing his MY GYM tee and is all ready to go! 

The teachers at MY GYM Tampines!

Crawling up the slope!

Playing on the swings!

Seperation Anxiety Session where the kids are left to play with their friends. 
Parents or Caretaker would sit a distance away from the child.

My Gym @ Tampines

Website : www.mygym.com.sg

Address : 2 Tampines Central 6 , NTUC Income Tampines Point, #06-02, Singapore 529483

Phone : (+65) 6789 7061

Email : tampines@mygym.com.sg

Operating Hours : Mon to Sun: 9am - 6pm