Today I am going to write about my battle with CYSTIC EMBEDDED ACNE.

I have been having outbreaks on my face ever since I became pregnant. The acne made me feel like an ugly, hormonal teenager again. What's wrong with me? Why am I still dealing with this problem when I am already in my thirties?

According to quite a few skin doctors, my acne is primarily hormonal. Yet, none of them have yet to find a permanent solution to my acne problem. I am suffering from cystic acne that is embedded way deep in my skin and it swells up in three dimensions. It's "red and active" with some scars from the old acne. Usually oral acne medication would help to keep such hormonal acne under control, but I didn't want to be on Roaccutane due to its side effects.

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I was telling Dr Gerard Ee that I feel very very depressed and how the current condition of my skin really affects my whole confidence level. It doesn't help that I used to have glowy clear skin before I got pregnant. I seeked his opinion on my skin condition and asked him the GOLDEN QUESTION :

Do you have a PERMANENT solution for chronic relapsing acne?

He took a look at my face and told me that I was suffering from blackhead, whiteheads, sebaceous filaments, cystic acne and some nodules.

Here is an article stating the different types of acne : Different types of acne. 

In Europe, I had no help with my son and it is very difficult to bring my son along for such treatments. Plus I had no trusted doctor in Europe. Since I am back in Singapore, I have all the help I need -- helper and relatives. I wanted to treat my acne problems and I wanted to treat it fast! I needed it all gone before I left for Europe again. I am pretty desperate for my skin to go back to its original pre-pregnancy condition.

Dr Gerard Ee decided to put me on an extensive treatment plan which included clearing my skin of comedones first then starting on treating the acne and then removing all the existing scars.

The treatment plan was :

1) Remove all comedones and sebaceous filaments first. The TCS 3D CELL TREATMENT DEEP PORE CLEANSING FACIAL removes all these.

2) Treat the Acne. Dr Gerard Ee told me that he had a new machine AGNES from Korea that is able to treat my acne and there would be very low recurrence of acne on my face after using this machine. LOW RECURRENCE!!! Meaning no more acne forever!!!!!

3) Remove the Scars. This can be easily achieved using a combination of Qswitch and Fractional CO2 lasers.

My favourite doctor and Dr Gerard Ee, have now set up the The Clifford Clinic, located in the heart of Raffles Place.

Here's a little background story of Dr Gerard Ee :

Dr Gerard Ee is surgically trained with a special interest in minimally invasive surgery. He now focuses mainly on non-invasive aspects of aesthetic medicine, specifically providing treatments with little or low down time and fast recovery.

And so, I went to The Clifford Clinic and seeked treatment from Dr Gerard Ee.

Here are some photos of The Clifford Clinic :

Upon arrival, you would be greeted by the Clifford Shop 
which hosts a wide array of products handpicked by Dr Gerard Ee.

Reception Room


Facial Room

Xray Room - for the dental procedures that are offered there.

Consultation Room


 Powder Room

I arranged to receive the AGNES treatment from Dr Gerard Ee and here are some photos before I started the AGNES treatment. 

As you can see, I have some scars and cystic embedded acne
which is concentrated on my chin area.
After taking these before photos, a numbing cream was applied all over
my face. I had to wait 20-30 minutes for the numbing cream to work.

The doctor assistant helped me remove all the
pus from my acne before the AGNES machine is used.
She used her gloved fingers and a medical needle to perform the extractions.

Sorry for the gory photos. Guaze pads soaked with anti-bacterial liquid
is used to squeeze out the pus and blood from the acne.

Dr Gerard Ee used the AGNES machine to individually destroy
the sebaceous glands so that my acne cannot recur.

 It feels like tiny, prickly shocks on my skin when he did the AGNES
 treatment for me. I am pretty amazed by how quicky and easily
it was to stop acne. There was no need to spend hundreds of dollars
and months of application of creams. Just 1-3 sessions of AGNES treatment
and your acne would be gone FOREVER!!!!

After the AGNES treatment, my face looked
like it had undergone a bad extraction.

The next day, after the AGNES treatment,
I went back to Dr Gerard Ee for an RF treatment to calm my face.

4 days after the AGNES treatment, I went back to Dr Gerard Ee for a review.
I also took a look at the products they carried at the clifford shop.
My face feels really clean and tight. The bumps have gone down a lot,
 and my family are even telling me that my skin looks smooth.

My little man accompanied me for the review.


  • AGNES is a long term cure for acne.
  • After AGNES, your acne has a low recurrence rate.
  • With the AGNES treatment, there is no downtime. ( I am able to apply make-up 3 days post treatment. ) 
  • No systemic side effects with this treatment.
  • AGNES can be used to treat acne, syringoma, blackhead, whiteheads, pores and scars. ( But I have only experienced AGNES for my acne. I noted the embedded acne is "deflated" after 1 session.)
  • Acne is an inflammatory disorder of hair follicle, especially arising from sebaceous glands. AGNES can destroy the sebaceous glands without injuring the epidermis. 
  • This treatment is for unisex and is also suitable for teenagers. 

I am still on the route to flawless skin. My face looks awesome with make-up but I still need 1 more treatment of AGNES and a few sessions of laser to remove my existing scars and minimise my pores. I would update with close-up photos on my journey to flawless skin.

Call 6532 2400 and book your appointment with DR GERARD EE if you need help with your cystic embedded acne. Dr Gerard Ee can help you solve your acne with just 1-3 sessions using the AGNES machine.

This AGNES machine is the 1st of its kind in Singapore and it has been a BIG HIT in the korean market.

The Clifford Clinic
24 Raffles Place
#01-03 Clifford Centre
Singapore 048621

Mon to Fri: 10am to 8pm
Sat: 10 am to 2pm
Sun: Closed



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