Oh hi!!!

I have not been blogging for a long long time. I have been soooooo busy as my days are filled to the brim with activities for my son.

We have been residing in Europe for 1.5 years now. As we do not have a maid there, I am the primary care taker of our son. We have a cleaner who comes by once or twice a week to ensure that our house is spotless and my son goes to school for 2 hours everyday. He has been going to school since he is 6 months old. But most days, I have to wear a gratuitous array of hats : bottle washer, bottom wiper, pastry chef, chef, organizer, nanny, cheerleader, chauffer, comforter, mentor, and teacher.

My life has been taken over by a tiny human being and my time is not just spent; it is devoured by the demands of our family. Most days after Raedon goes to bed at 8.30pm, I am often left exhausted and breathless, and more often than not, I am only known as Raedon's mummy and no longer Jacqueline Koh.

However, I know that every mother makes sacrifices. Having children means a huge investment of our time is given to nuture them. I have sacrificed my sleep, my free time, my body and my good complexion all for my son.

Would I ever stop sacrificing myself for my son? Not in a million years. My family is my everything!

Every day I know I have the power to change the course of my son's future through my encouragement or reproach. Every moment spent with him, I know I can shape his character or break his spirit simply with my words alone. I spend everyday of my life wondering how I can make my son's dreams come true. All that I can think about is how to ensure that he is healthy, happy, fulfilled and enjoying himself. I believe that mothers all over the world creates the face of tomorrow through our sacrifices as moms today. Each moment counts, each occasion is precious and each second is cherished; for the children grow up way too fast.

We celebrated his 1st birthday on 14 December 2014. His birthday is actually on the 11 December but we travelled from Europe back to Singapore on 10 December and we landed in Singapore on his birthday --- 11 December. We booked our tickets back to Singapore at the very last minute and I had no time to even plan his birthday party. We were actually planning to go on holiday to Santorini or to Norway to see the northern lights to celebrate our son's birthday. But my dog suddenly became very ill and my dog is already very very old, she is 16 years old this year. We decided that it is best for us to travel back to Singapore. I am glad to have a husband that loves me, my family and my dogs soooooo much!

I only had about a week or so to plan my son's birthday and every place I called was fully booked. At last, I called McDonalds and they had a slot for the day that we wanted. So we decided to celebrate his birthday at McDonald's.

A McDonalds Kid's Birthday Party includes the following :

ᗰ      Choice of Happy Meals
ᗰ      Party invitation cards
ᗰ      An exclusive present for the birthday child
ᗰ      Door gifts for invited guests
ᗰ      Game prizes
ᗰ      A party hostess to conduct the party and organise games
ᗰ      Specially-made birthday cake (Optional. It is priced at $26.00 for a 700g chocolate fudge cake. )
ᗰ      Only at selected McDonald’s outlets

If you are interested to know more, do refer to their FAQ here :


We also got a professional photographer to help us shoot for Raedon's birthday. We wanted a professional photographer who could snap photos in a rather "chaotic" ambience and bring out the beauty and memories of our son's birthday. We chose to go with JONAH SUN -- the principal photographer of All Aflutter.

You can check out their website here :

Facebook page :

Here are some of the photos :

After the party, he was so tired that he fell asleep once everyone left. Even when we allowed someone else to carry him for a few minutes, he did not wake up at all.

Happy Birthday, my darling! Daddy and mummy loves you soooo very much!