It's been 2 months since I last blogged. I have been sooooo busy changing diapers, feeding Raedon, patting him to sleep, expressing breast milk and this cycle repeats itself at least 8 times a day. I had no help while I was in Europe so it has been abit overwhelming for me. The only help I get is a part-time cleaner who drops by to clean our place once a week.

BUT now I am back in Singapore....... so for the next few weeks, I have tons of help!!!!

Photo updates :

5 Jan 2014 : Baby Raedon at 3 weeks 4 days old...

11 Jan 2014 : Baby Raedon at 1 month old......
Baby Raedon is 1 month old & so far he has been a very very 乖 baby.... 
easy to care for and only waking up once every night for night feeds. 
 He has been able to turn his head from left to right during tummy time since week 1. 
He is able to follow objects briefly with his eyes and reply me with oohs and aahs. 
He is also able to smile at us briefly. 
He loves his bath time and would happily kick the water. 
 Happy 1 month old Baby Raedon!!!! 
 Mummy & Daddy loves u so vvvvvvv much!!!

11 Jan 2014 : My little man..... 
 May you grow wise like the owl & strong like the oak tree....


13 Jan 2014 : 1 month 2 days old
 He fell asleep right after his bath.


14 Jan 2014 : Brrrrr..... winter in europe is cold but 
daddy keeps Baby Raedon warm in a furry blue blankie while we go out for a walk!


14 Jan 2014 : Baby Raedon after a feed.... 
His first smile captured on camera and many more to come....

20 Jan 2014 : Baby Raedon weighs 4750grams now 
and is 5+ weeks old. We just came back from his check up 
and the doctor says that he is v healthy.


 23 Jan 2014 : Baby Raedon all prepared to go out & 
brave the snow~~~ 1 month 12 days old

30 Jan 2014 : Baby Raedon 7weeks 1 day old. 
 Warm & cuddly in his H & M brown bear suit!

6  Feb 2014 : Grateful for the BEST hubby in the world!
Words cannot express how grateful I am for such a wonderful husband.... 
we are handling Raedon alone without any help and 
its been exhausting.... I was waiting on my "boss" - Baby Raedon 
hand and foot 24/7 and even going to the toilet meant that i needed my 
boss' approval. The hubby helped in every way possible plus he had 
to go to work. At the end of each day, we concuss together as a family. 
Lolololol..... Raedon tired from dealing with his "employees" & 
both of us shagged from sleepless nights. As you can see even the 
laundry fresh from the dryer is thrown on the armchair..... 
taking care of a baby is SOoooo much work!!!!! 

 Thank God my hubby is such a hands-on father!!! 
 Baby Raedon & I  u 爸爸 !


7 Feb 2014 : While my boss -- Baby Raedon is asleep..... 
I get time off to exercise and lose those post pregnancy weight!!! 
 Best push gift from the hubby :))))


10 Feb 2014 : We went to the pediatrician for a check up as 
Baby Raedon has been consuming less milk these few days. 
I got pretty worried about his lack of appetite. 
Turns out the doctor said that Baby Raedon is overfed and
 he is overweight by 900 grams lololol.... Raedon has been feeling too full 
so the decreased in appetite.  He weighs 5320grams now.


11 Feb 2014 : Today Baby Raedon is 2 months old....

Raedon is co-ordinating his movements better -- 
the jerky arm and leg movements of his newborn days are becoming smoother.

Raedon has a strong grip and once he grabs something,
 it is difficult to get him to let go. His favourite pastime now is grabbing my hair!

He has taken his Rotavirus vaccine (Rotarix) so far.

He makes ooh and ahh sounds whenever I talk to him and 
he reacts with matching facial expressions.

He has started to want to be carried all the time. 
Even when I am doing simple chores like folding his clothes, 
he wants to lie on my lap and be vvvv close to me.

Raedon has also started swimming, 
we let him swim in our bathtub with a neck float.

I have also started training Raedon to roll over.

He is also massaged daily and I would ensure 
that he gets some leg exercise everyday.

He has begun to smile at people and can briefly calm 
himself at times. He would bring his hands to his mouth and 
suck on his hand. He would try to look at me whenever I talk to him.

He has started to turn his head toward clicking sounds that I make to entertain him.

He has also started to pay attention to me when I am reading a book to him. 
He tries to follow things with his eyes and has started to express his 
boredom by being fussy if I do not change his activities.

Raedon can now hold his head up and begins to do push ups when lying on his tummy.

But most days, he is just behaving like a boss as seen in the photo below.

Happy 2 months old Baby Raedon...

13 Feb 2014 : 2 months after giving birth to Readon.... 
I am starting to feel more like myself... I lost 13kg so far.... 5kg more to go... (^ν^)
Using my hubby's side of the sink lololol... We each have our own sink. 


13 Feb 2014 : At the airport waiting to board our flight back to Singapore.... 
my hair is still wet (no time to blow dry).... 
and my little jetsetter --- Raedon sleeping soundly....

More updates soon... I promise!!! Especially since I have so much help now, I have time to blog. *winks*


Wendy Leong said...

Wow, you did caesarean, and yet you managed to slim down so quickly! your tummy is almost flat now.. How did you do it.. I am thinking whether to do C or natural.. but i am really small build

Wish4ver said...

Congrats on your delivery! Raedon is ao cute! Looking like a hot mama! How u manage to slim down so fast?? Must share with us!!