So what really happens after childbirth?

1) After giving birth, you will still LOOK FAT!!!

In those last few weeks of pregnancy, I was bursting out of my clothes like a morbidly obese penguin and two weeks after giving birth,  I was in this purgatory where my pregnancy clothes don't really fit me and I cannot zip up my pre-pregnancy clothes yet. In fact the first two weeks after giving birth, I only lost 6kg which I think consisted of Baby Raedon who weighed 2950grams at birth, extra fluid and blood. Two weeks after giving birth, I still looked pregnant and fat.

Raedon was born on 11/12/13 and 
these photos are taken exactly 2 weeks after he was born.
25 Dec 2013 : Raedon's first Christmas!!!

2) After giving birth, your body might feel like a seperate entity of its own.

My little Raedon loves to drink milk and I enjoy feeding him very much. However, most days I feel like a lactating cow as my boobs have taken on an identity of their own. They still belong to me, but most times, I feel that they have taken on an entirely seperate identity also known as the milk machine.

So far, I have always expressed my breast milk using a Medela Swing pump and fed Baby Raedon through a bottle. I record his every feed since birth so that I can match it with his growth and weight gain.

3) After giving birth, your c-section scar might still feel numb two months post operation.

My gynae told me that the c-section scar will still be numb six months after the surgery, and for some people it may sometimes feel itchy. So far, my c-section scar has healed nicely and there is no itch. I am deciding whether I want to have it lasered or leave it as it’s now my badge of honor.

4) After giving birth, you might experience temporary postpartum depression.

Throughout my pregnancy, I have been very calm and happy. I did not experience much mood swings during pregnancy. However, after giving birth, due to a hormonal dip, one can experience some level of temporary postpartum depression or anxiety. For me, I missed my dogs in singapore so much, every time I see their photos I start to tear very badly.

If you are unable to cope with your anxiety or depression after giving birth, it is best to talk to your gynae about it. You are not alone. It is understandable for you to become depressed, as you might feel overwhelmed by a new baby, plus you most probably are sleep deprived and learning to handle a new baby is a steep learning curve.

Holding on to Raedon's tiny hands helped me to face my sadness bravely....

5) After giving birth, I realised that there are times when Raedon is crying and I have no idea why.

There will be lots of times when the baby is crying and you don’t know why. His/ her diapers are clean; he/ she has been fed and burped; he/she is clean and the room is not too hot or too cold; yet baby is still crying. That’s ok, babies cry.

At times, when Raedon is crying and I do not know what he wants I just start to sing to him and he would calm down. Try rocking your baby or belting out a tune when your baby cries for no reason. Or if you are too overwhelmed by your baby, get someone like your mother or mother-in-law to help carry the baby till you yourself have calmed down. For me, in europe I have ABSOLUTELY no help to care for Raedon, so when I am overwhelmed, I would hand Raedon to my husband who usually does a better job of calming him down. Maybe Raedon just likes the smell of his daddy. lolololol.....

25 Dec 2013 : Raedon's first Christmas!!!

Above are my five "survival tips" for first-time mums. I am still learning new things everyday about baby Raedon and the ups and downs of motherhood. It has been an enriching and humbling experience thus far, and two months into motherhood, despite the "challenges" thrown my way by my little boss, I am still looking forward to each new day with a sense of anticipation, joy and fulfillment. Family support is very important in this regard, it helps me find balance. For all you mums out there, a big shout out and acknowledgement of the sacrifices you all have made for your families!! 辛苦你们了! =)

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your baby is really cute and you are really pretty.
Cant wait for more updates (: