I have been in Europe for the past 11 days and I miss eating HOKKEIN MEE and I wish I could have a hot bowl of barley gingko dessert right about now.

I am not able to cook very much now as we are staying at a service apartment temporarily until we find a permanent apartment. For the past two weekends, we have been conscientiously viewing apartments. So far, we have found two that we really like. Hopefully, everything will be confirmed soon. We have packed food stuff like - rice / soya sauce / oyster sauce / seasme oil / black vinegar etc for cooking into our cargo and the cargo should arrive in Europe end of September 2013.

*keeping our fingers crossed*


Taken during our transit at Frankfurt Airport 

24th August 2013 - We saw horse drawn carriages along the streets.

24th August 2013 - They allow tourists to take a ride on their carriages and 
it costs EURO 50 for a short ride and EURO 70 for a longer ride.
We didn't ride it as it looked like it was about to rain.... 

We walked past a very very old church and BOY! was it a magnificient sight!
Lateral View of the old church!

Frontal View of the old church!

26th August 2013 - I cooked dinner at our service apartment for me and the hubby.

31st August 2013 - Dinner Date with the hubby.
I ordered the Wiener Eiskaffe which means Viennese Ice Coffee.
I know I shouldn't be drinking coffee while being pregnant but I think just one cup is fine.
Everything in moderation should be fine. Anyway, this is my first cup of coffee ever since I found out that I am pregnant. So I have been trying my best to control myself!!!

31st August 2013 - Dinner Date with the hubby at a cafe.

31st August 2013 - After dinner, we took a stroll and found 
this beautiful Spanish Horse training place.

1st September 2013 - Made a turkey spread with yogurt, salad 
and mashed potato for our dinner.
All done at our service apartment.

6 Sept 2013 - We went for our first visit to our gynae here in Europe and I am super super superrrrrr HAPPY with the gynae. She is patient and kind and friendly, everything we could ever ask for. In fact, the service we received here in Europe is much BETTER than what we had in Singapore... 

After the visit to the gynae, we walked past a pizza kiosk and they served SUCH HUGE pizzas, we bought one slice to share and it was super yummy at a great price too! Only EURO € 2.50!!!!!

 That's a wrap for now and will update more about life in Europe~~~ =)))))