More and more youngsters nowsadays are experiencing hair loss or scalp problems at an early age. In fact, I have friends in the age group of 20-25 years experiencing severe hair fall or bad dandruff problems and this "trend" is no longer an aberration these days.

Sedentary lifestyle with little or no physical activity, irregular dietary habits, intake of alcohol at an early age are some of the primary reasons for severe hair loss and scalp problems.

For me, I am blessed with super thick hair, however, after a microscopic examination at Yum Nam, I found out that I have oily scalp which resulted in clogged hair follicles and the much dreaded word................................ DANDRUFF!

I never knew I had dandruff not till I visited Yun Nam as my hair looks fine, no flakes.... no white spots, nothing.

But I am glad to find out about my scalp problems before it became worse. =)))

Take a look at a scan of my scalp and you can clearly see the dandruff flakes.

The Yun Nam consultant was telling me that I have an oily scalp and this could be the probable cause of my dandruff problem.

And the consultant suggested a herbal scalp treatment for me after checking my hair:

Goodness in a bottle.....

After mixing up the herbal concoction, it looks like this.... (it smelt just like ginseng!)

And while shampooing my hair, I was offered a snack and tea!

First, my hair was washed clean, then the consultant applied the herbal mixture onto my scalp and massaged it in. Next, a hair steamer was placed over my hair and I get to relax for 30 mins.

Here is how my hair looks like before the consultant washed away the herbs!

After steaming my hair for 30 mins, the consultant used a ginseng shampoo to wash my off all the herbs.

I have to be honest with you, the herbal smell is truly very very very strong, but it was bearable to me. Overall, I truly enjoyed the head massage. I also know that the customised herbal treatment is working to help cleanse my oily scalp while I feel so pampered. Plus it is completely safe for pregnant women too!!!!

Here is evidence that after one treatment, I could see results immediately....

No more dandruff.... amazing!!!!

Thank you Yun Nam for helping me get rid of my dandruff, I’ll definitely put in more effort to take good care of my scalp from now onwards!

This is the exact hair care treatemnt that I did :

Customised Ginseng Hair Care Treatment

❤ 100% herbal formula consisting of mainly Ginseng extracts
❤  Fast penetration deep into the scalp
❤  Stimulate New Hair Growth
❤  Unclog and Repair Damaged Hair Follicles
❤  Reduce and Control Hair Fall
❤  Increase Hair Thickness and Strength
❤  Strengthen Hair Roots
❤  Each treatment will take about 2 hours, including 30 minutes of steaming
❤  The treatments are made from 25 different herbs from Asia countries
❤  Ginseng essence is used for the scalp to control the oil and make the scalp healthier
❤  Protein essence is used for the hair ends to make it softer and more manageable

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