Recently I have become very interested in STEM CELL TECHNOLOGY. Ever since Dr Chow Yuen Ho from TCS CLINIC mentioned how stem cell can help me delay the aging process, I started researching and reading reports on it.

If you are interested in anti-aging like me, you would also know that stem cell technology have recently become a huge buzzword in the skincare world. But what does this really mean? Skincare specialists are not using embryonic stem cells; it is impossible to incorporate live materials into a skincare product. Instead, companies are re-creating products with specialized peptides and enzymes or plant stem cells which, when applied topically on the surface, help protect the human skin stem cells from damage and deterioration or stimulate the skin's own stem cells.

And while researching about Stem Cell Technology, I came across this unique, exclusive stem cell skincare range which has been specially formulated with optimal ingredients under the expertise of world-renowned dermatologist Dr. Nathan Newman to help boost collagen formation, improve skin elasticity, and protect against premature aging.

This skincare range formulated under Dr. Nathan Newman is known as Luminesce.

Do watch this video to understand more about Dr. Nathan Newan's research on Stem Cell Technology:

Dr Nathan Newman on ABC7 news: 

Dr Nathan Newman on Good Morning LA :

Here's some background info on Dr Nathan Newman :

Dr Nathan Newman, M.D. Emerging from a family of internationally prominent physicians, Dr. Nathan Newman, M.D. is carrying on an important legacy. He is a world-renowned cosmetic surgeon with a fully-accredited and respected cosmetic surgery practice in Beverly Hills, California. Dr. Newman is constantly striving to develop new and superior methods of achieving natural, undetectable cosmetic results with the least risk and most benefit for each individual.

He is an original thinker and innovator, and is ushering in the future of cosmetic surgery. Using the normal, regenerative abilities of your own stem cell-rich fat, Dr. Newman has found a way to safely and naturally amplify, lift, and re-define the contours of your entire face and body. Dr. Newman was educated and trained at several prestigious medical institutions in the United States.

After graduating from the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York City, he completed his internship in internal medicine at UCLA-VA Medical Center in Los Angeles. He continued his training with a residency in dermatology at Cook County Hospital in Chicago and completed a fellowship through the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery in Riverside, California. He is board-certified in dermatology and specializes in cosmetic surgery.

As part of his philosophy to educate his patients, Dr. Newman writes monthly articles in LA Health News magazine. He is published in many prestigious medical journals and has been a speaker at numerous medical conferences. He has regularly presented on television and radio on the latest advances in cosmetic surgery. He has been recognized by Cambridge Who’s Who for his leadership, dedication, and entrepreneurship as a cosmetic surgeon.

Now more about the skincare line Luminesce.

First up.... Luminesce Cellular Rejuvenation Serum :

This product is highly raved by magazines and celebs alike :



 Benefits of this serum:

❤ Supports skin rejuvenation
❤ Helps to restore a luminous appearance to the skin
❤ Minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
❤ Refresh collagen and elastin
❤ Helps to maintain smooth skin texture

My personal review : "This serum is great for anyone who is worried about aging. As we age, our cell turnover rate starts to decrease and we need extra help to stimulate cell regrowth. This serum helps to encourage one's skin to replace your dead or damaged cells with healthy new ones! My skin plumped up, became firmer, softer and fine lines under my eye area are lessen. My favourite part..... this serum leaves me with luminous skin after each application."

Next up.... Luminesce Youth Restoring Cleanser :


Benefits of this cleanser:

❤ Prevent and combat ageing by acting as a mild exfoliant to remove toxins without over-drying the skin
❤ Eliminates old, dead skin cells
❤ Formulated with ingredients needed to support cell renewal
❤ Eliminates the build up of oil, bacteria, toxins (causes of breakouts or dull looking skin)
❤ Leaves clean, soft and supple feeling skin

Key Ingredients :

❤ Cellular Detoxifying Complex (for smoother, brighter skin, can help reduce signs of ageing)
❤ Aloe Vera Extract (a natural moisturiser that soothes dryer skin types)
❤ Essential Vitamins A, C, E (to nourish and protect skin)
❤ Alpha and Beta Hydroxy Acids (detoxifies and exfoliates old, dead skin cells)
❤ Green Tea Extract (an anti-oxident that prevents breakouts)

My personal review : "This cleanser certainly is packed with all the good stuff that makes for smooth, bright and healthy skin! I use this in the evenings after cleansing off my make-up, and I find it really enjoyable to use because it lathers up really well, so I always feel like it's working really deep into the skin and cleansing thoroughly. I love how my face feels after using this cleanser, I do not feel stripped of my natural face oils, yet my face feels very clean."

Next up, Luminesce Essential Body Renewal....


❤ Offers long-lasting antioxidant protection and helps combats photoaging
❤ Helps naturally maintain and restore a softer, smoother, more youthful skin texture
❤ Reconditions thirsty skin by stimulating microcirculation and accelerating the natural healing process
❤ Soothes itchy, dry, irritated skin
❤ Helps visibly repair dry, damaged skin by reducing flaking and locking in moisture and nutrients
❤ Delays the appearance of the aging process
❤ Naturally lubricates your skin’s surface, giving your body a softer, smoother appearance

LUMINESCE Essential Body Renewal delivers the ultimate in deep hydration with the restorative powers of adult stem cell technology. This unique, exclusive body lotion has been specially formulated with optimal ingredients under the expertise of world-renowned dermatologist Dr. Nathan Newman to help boost collagen formation, improve skin elasticity, and protect against premature aging. LUMINESCE Essential Body Renewal gently nourishes, restores, and softens all skin types, particularly in rough and dry areas, without clogging your pores.

Over the years, your skin loses its youthful appearance as you become exposed to a variety of environmental stressors, such as the sun’s ultraviolet rays and free radicals. At the visible surface, this creates wrinkles, age spots, and a dehydrated, sagging complexion; below the surface, it changes your skin’s structure and accelerates the aging process. Also known as photoaging, this type of exposure can cause serious and permanent damage to your skin if left untreated. LUMINESCE Essential Body Renewal works around the clock to save your skin by encouraging the natural healing process, leaving you feeling soft, supple, and rehydrated.

LUMINESCE Essential Body Renewal works on a cellular level, using a powerful phospholipids delivery system to penetrate and replenish your thirsty skin by locking in moisture and stimulating cellular renewal. This luxurious lightweight formula contains potent antioxidant-containing botanicals to help protect against cell inflammation, and over 200 key human growth factors that encourage your body’s natural processes to produce more proteins like collagen and elastin. LUMINESCE Essential Body Renewal provides instant and exceptionally long-lasting relief to men and women, revealing a healthy, ultra-radiant complexion, all day, every day.


1 box of 30 gel packs
Summary of what it does : Resists cell inflammation, oxidative stress, and premature aging

Medical and nutrition experts worldwide recognize that many health issues are adversely affected by free radical damage. The best way to reduce this damage, according to these experts, is to consume good foods and to take effective antioxidant supplements. That's exactly why we created Reserve Fruit Gel -- a botanical blend of essential antioxidants with restorative powers that will supercharge your health and assist in delaying premature aging. With its unique combination of antioxidants, anthocyanins, and essential fatty acids, Reserve is an excellent defense against free radical damage.

Each gel pack is only 13 CALORIES and provides the following:

❤ Antioxidants to resist cell inflammation, oxidative stress and premature aging
❤ Anthocyanins to support improved cardiovascular function
❤ Essential fatty acids to assist in digestive tract function
❤ Phytosterols to assist in maintaining healthy cholesterol levels
❤ Healthy immune system support
❤ Increased metabolism
❤ Feel the difference

Using age-defying technology, Jeunesse brings you the most youth-promoting supplement available. Reserve delivers high doses of resveratrol in a highly bio-available gel form, making it up to 200 times more absorbable than encapsulated products. Reserve is the perfect answer to a substantial body of medical research and clinical trials indicating that the most effective way to defend against free radical damage is to boost the body's immunity with antioxidants.

Reserve is naturally sweet and bursting with exotic flavors formulated to provide you with the protection you need. In addition to resveratrol, Reserve is infused with ingredients: aςai, pomegranate, blueberry puree, dark sweet cherry juice and green tea. The result is a delicious and nutritious gel that will help you feel youthful vitality and an increased feeling of overall good health.

Reserve's superpower ingredient, Resveratrol, is closely accompanied by powerful antioxidants in this youth-enhancing nutritional supplement. Reserve is inspired by innovative science and ground-breaking research by medical professionals throughout the world. Our superior supplement, powered by resveratrol and other significant ingredients, will jump-start your day with amazing anti-aging properties and important nutritional benefits.

It is recommended that you consume this daily as it will help you to discover your own internal fountain of youth.

You can purchase the Luminesce Skincare Range here :

I hope you guys enjoyed this post. Do share with me your anti-aging secrets too!!!!

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