This week's foodie place : SWEET MUSINGS  一畝甜

Address : The star vista mall #02-05, Singapore, Singapore 138617

Contact : 9299 1457

So this week, I went to Star Vista because I read about this taiwanese pastry shop. If you are hooked onto Taiwanese variety shows like me, you'll drool over the yummilicious goodies that the taiwanese celebrity hosts get to sink their teeth into at each episode. To be honest, I haven't been to Taiwan yet. And actually, for our babymoon, we wanted to travel to Taipei but I was worried that I am unable to "handle" the walking since I was always sleepy or hungry in my first trimester, so I told the hubby to pick a more sedated location and we ended up in Phuket. =))))

I'm sorry I digressed. =p

And boy was I glad to come across SWEET MUSINGS 一畝甜 --- a taiwanese bakery store that sells freshly baked pastries right here in Singapore!!!!

So I got to sink my teeth into a huge variety of the pastries before I decide which ones I want to purchase.

Pineapple Tarts ($7 for 3 pieces) :
Pineapple tarts are not a rare commodity, you can buy from at the NTUC and even at convenience stores. However, the pineapple tarts at Sweet Musings are the most flawless ones I have ever tasted. Its not too sweet with chunks of pineapple pieces with each bite, tastes very flavorful, fresh and crisp and buttery.  I love it!!!

Malt Flavored Sun Biscuits 太阳饼 ($20 for 10 pieces) :
This malt flavored Sun Biscuit from Sweet Musings has a flaky buttery crust and a smooth maltose paste inside. The maltose paste is silky, dry and sweet with a tinge of milk and I truly savored every bite. It is recommended that you consume this with a piping hot cup of Chinese tea. =)

Yam Cake ($18) :
This speciality has to be the cream of the crop. This yam cake is actually made up of a sponge cake outer layer and Orh Nee Yam Paste inside! We were served this frozen so the cake tasted like ice cream cake. The Orh Nee Yam Paste is fragrant with a slight pandan leaf scent and creamy and smooth in consistency. This cake is truly a MUST BUY MUST TRY!!!!

Panna Cotta ($3.50 each) :
The panna cotta at Sweet Musings comes in a variety of flavours -- Mango / Blueberry / Sesame etc. My favourite one is the blueberry panna cotta which is smooth, not too sweet, rich, creamy and definitely yummy. Plus the packaging looks like a mini milk bottle.... super CUTE!!!

There are many other desserts and pasteries available at Sweet Musings 一畝甜 and I felt like I was on an adventure tasting all the different ones in the store.

At Sweet Musings 一畝甜, there are empty boxes located near the cashier counter and you can fill these boxes up with your own unique combination of sun biscuits, pineapple tarts and any other variations to give them to your colleagues, family and friends. Do take note that the pastries sold at  Sweet Musings 一畝甜 have a shorter life-span as no preservatives are added, they need to be consumed within a one or two week span. It is highly recommended to consume your pasteries as soon as you purchase them so as to be able to taste its freshness!

The service here is friendly and full of laughter as the service staff explain to you the story behind each and every item. I had lots of fun listening to the story behind the brand. =)))) 

Do expect to spend about $20 for a box of pasteries!!!

Bakery Store : SWEET MUSINGS 一畝甜
Address : The Star Vista Mall #02-05, Singapore 138617
Contact : 92991457