I have been vvvvvvvvv blessed this year and here's one more good news for the year 2013..........

I AM PREGNANT with our first child and since we are moving to Europe in 1.5 months means that we would be giving birth to our child overseas.

Pregnancy test done at the gynae to confirm my pregnancy. =))

Now you know why I have gained so much weight. Although I just passed my 1st trimester, I have no morning sickness at all and my appetite has been nothing but awesome...... which is not a good thing for my weight. Its only been 3 months and I have put on a good 6kg..... *horrifying*

To be honest, I truly wished I was like other pregnant women who are slim all over and the only signs of them being pregnant are their Baby Bumps.

But sad to say, I am fat all over. The weight has gone to my arms, my breast ( I increased 2 cup sizes so far), butt, thighs and baby bump. In fa(c)t (pun intended), I am already unable to wear my usual clothes. *sad face*

And I have so many cravings !!!! 
1) Nasi Lemak ---- Lots of chilli please (and before pregnancy, I do not take chilli at all.)
2) Roti Prata
3) Pop corn mixed
4) 榨菜饭 Mixed rice with sweet and sour pork please
5) Chicken wings
6) Mcdonald's Nugget
7) Potato chips
8) Curry chicken
9) Ice Cream
10) Cakes

How not to fat I ask you.......

Besides gaining weight, I have been experiencing sudden outbreaks. My skin has been pretty clear and free of blemish ever since my last laser session in Jan 2013 at TCS CLINIC with Dr Chow Yuen Ho.

However, ever since I have gotten pregnant, my skin took a turn for the worse, it is all due to my changing hormones. I get pimples at my chin area and am plagued with lots of comedones. With the skin of a crocodile and the tummy of a hippo, I truly am feeling fat and lumpy. I thought I had to bear with this crap for 9 months till my baby is born, but DR CHOW YUEN HO to the rescue!!!!!!!!!

He told me about this facial which is safe for pregnant woman. OMG YES!!!!!!!!!!!

Introducing...... *drum roll please*

TCS CLINIC's Signature 3D Cell Treatment Deep Pore Cleansing Facial!!!! 

Read more about it here : http://www.cosmeticsurgery.sg/youthful-skin/3d-cell-treatment-regeneration-defense-renewal

So you want to get your pores clean but you hate going for a extraction at a facial salon??
So you want your skin squeaky clean but the redness after an extraction at a facial salon turns you off??
So you want to have more youthful skin but do not want to undergo anything invasive??
So you want to see a vast difference after just one session????

Then you should try TCS CLINIC's Signature 3D Cell Treatment Deep Pore Cleansing Facial.

TCS CLINIC specially imported this machine from Korea and this treatment is known to give korean celebrities their youthful glow and crystal clear skin.

Take a look at my pregnancy outbreak which I have been tolerating for 2 months. My outbreaks started after I am 1 month pregnant and it caused me to be rather depressed. I kept whining to my husband about my the condition of my skin. Hahahhahaa.... the poor hubby had to listen to me complaining about my fats and pimples nearly everyday. *FHL*

Here is a photo of my face bare skinned without any make-up and you can clearly see that my pregnancy outbreaks are really bad..... *sad face*

I went to the clinic and it was explained to me that most facial salons with less than experienced therapists use cleansing machines that only help remove dead skin from the Epidermis level. These salon machines do not clear the mircro blockages that eventually lead to acne, pimples and huge pores. In order for the salon therapists to "clean" our pores, they squeeze and pick at our pores which if not done properly aggravates our skin condition and causes more outbreaks.

However, TCS 3D Cell Regeneration Treatment uses a 50 Micron Jet Technology to "vaccum" the pores in our skin. Throughout the facial, I felt a slight suction on my face and the lady explained to me in great detail that the machine effectively penetrates into my Dermis level of skin to remove dead skin and dirt.

Here's a photo to show you the difference between the epidermis layer and the dermis layer:

The lady also explained to me that the machine used by TCS clinic also delivers nutrients deep into your skin, stimulates blood circulation, regenerate skin cells and whiten skin all in one session!!!

While they are treating your skin with the machine, they are also able to infuse nutrients -- carbonated Glycolic acid and lactic acid into the dermis level of skin to regenerate skin collagen to achieve a lifting effect. Glycolic acid improves blood circulation and helps regenerate skin cells, while lactic acid plays a vital role in skin whitening.

I also asked the lady why is it called 3D???

Her reply :
"1D represents Deep pore cleansing.
2D represented Lifting, skin tightening.
3D represented Regenerate collagen to improve skin elasticity."

My face is being deep cleansed here using the patented 50 micron Jet technology :

The facial includes a deep cleansing using patented 50 micron Jet Technology, followed by 30 mins of face and shoulder infusion treatment using Mesoestetic Antiaging Flash ampoule (which is known as a must have for hollywood celebrities before their red carpet event), which is carefully massaged into the skin. After the soothing massage, 3D Cell Defense mask will be applied for 20 mins. 3D Cell Defense mask contains Marine Algae extract, Linseed (rich in Omega 3 to improve skin quality and texture), Aloe Vera (stimulate new cells growth), Vitamin C from selected orange and dill (herb contains vitamin A and C) which act as a skin clarifying active principle, antioxidant and stimulant of collagen. This treatment is suitable for all ages and all skin types.

My face is being pampered by the 3D Cell Defense mask as seen here :

After the facial, the redness on my face is obviously reduced and I could feel the texture of my skin is smoother with less comedones, pimples were less inflammed and my skin was brighter.
No photoshop, bare faced.

I would be going for this facial every 2 weeks till I leave for Europe. Super glad that I found a facial treatment that is suitable for me while I am pregnant and now, I never have to go for another painful squeezing facial again.

The usual price of this treatment costs SGD$280 to SGD$400, depending on what customisation you need during the treatment.

My treatment, which included treatment for my face and neck, costs sgd$380.

For now, they are having a promotion, 
BUY 4 and get 1 session FREE 
BUY 8 and get 3 sessions FREE!!!! 

Call 6221 8221 and book your appointment with my favourite doctor : DR CHOW YUEN HO

TCS@Central Clinic is located at:

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Singapore 059818

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With my regular dose of facial treatment with Dr Chow, I am more confident to "battle" the other symptoms of pregnancy! 

Now .... where those nuggets at? lolol....