I just came back from our holiday and before going on my holiday, my sister and I went for a spa Manicure and spa Pedicure session at De Nail Princess located at : Blk 844 Yishun St 81 #02-158 
Tel :  6852 1987.

I designed this pretty and kawaii nail set for my sister.
If you know me, I am a big fan of pampering myself and
anything SPA means I LIKEY! lolololol..... 

This set of nails is done by Wei Ting -- also certified by THE PINK ROOM.

Enjoy a little poem about Rainbows by Russel Sivey here ~~

We settled down after choosing the designs and I started chatting with Sarah who was doing my spa pedicure. She was trained by THE PINK ROOM and was certified by them. She started a home based nail business and then as she got more and more customers, she decided to venture and open her own nail salon. Sarah is super friendly and after I found out that she herself owns 2 dogs, we became vvvvv chummy. hahahahahahha........

You can see how hard she is at work cutting my cuticles and before that she scrubbed my legs with a sweet smelling strawberry scrub and masked my legs with a strawberry mask. She told me that the strawberry mask would make my dull-looking legs fairer.

Little did I know that the whitening effect would be so IMPRESSIVE......

SUCH a big difference....... I was a little embarassed to walk out of the shop due to the difference in color of my legs. lololololol......

After I was done, I had some time to camwhore in Sarah's cosy little nail salon. She truly loves the color pink as everything in the salon was in different shades of pink -- 
baby pink / coral pink / rose pink / bright pink / fushcia pink / cyber pink.

You name it, she has it! 

Here are some of her designs...... take a look at the LITTLE MELODY 
designs on the left and the cute pony hand drawn on the right.

Sarah believes in using the best products at her nail salon 
so she usually uses imported and organic brands as seen below.

Ok.... one last photo of my sister's cute manicure : 

Till the next post~~~~~ tata~~~~~

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When it comes to our nail services, we ensure that only quality products are used as we strongly believe our customers deserve better."

Blk 844 Yishun St 81 #02-158 
Tel :  6852 1987

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