I was invited to embark on a 2 day 1 night trip to Genting by the PR peeps at Resorts World. I invited my sister to come along with me as my hubby is now on a work trip in Vienna + Greece. He left on 23 March 2013 to Vienna, then he would be travelling to Greece on 31st March 2013 before returning to Singapore on 4th April 2013.

I miss him soooooooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After getting married, my life revolved around looking after him and ensuring that everything is in order in his life. I enjoy fussing over him hahahahha......

Opps sorry I digress..... The last time I went up to Genting, I drove all the way up with friends. We conveyed there and gambled and ate and modified our cars and partied. We went up in 2006, here's a pic of my sharkey in 2006 being tuned in Malaysia before we continued our convoy. =))))

And yes, I drove myself.

Fast track and its 2013 now, this time I took a coach up to Genting. All of the invited bloggers gathered at Golden Mile at 6.45am. We then boarded the coach and headed up. In order to get there in time, I had to wake up at 430 am to prepare myself!!! But luckily there was enough time on the coach to rest and catch up on lost sleep....

Itinerary for this trip:

Day 1 – 27th March 2013

6.30am Bus departs from Singapore
1.00pm Arrive at FW Bus Terminal + Check-in
1.30pm Lunch at Resort Café
2.45pm Check out the new rides at TP (Waves & Rolling Thunder Mine Train 2)
4.00pm Free & Easy at TP
6.15pm Visit Visitor Galleria
6.30pm Dinner at Coffee Terrace
8.00pm Visit Snow World
9.30pm Free & easy

Day 2 -28th March 2013

7.30am Breakfast at FW Cafe + Packing
9.00am Check-out
9.10am Bus depart from FWH Lobby
10.45am Drop off at Ritz-Carlton Conference Center
11.00am FX Micropay Launch
1.30pm Pick-up Ritz-Carlton
Pick-up Pavillion
2.00pm Depart to One Utama
4.00pm Bus departs to Singapore

What really happened on Day 1 – 27th March 2013..........

The coach left Golden Mile at 7.15am and while on the coach, I chatted with the sister and played games on my Ipad. We arrived at Genting at about 2pm.

***If you are taking a coach up to Genting, remember to pack stuff to keep yourself entertained like a book / magazine / games / a good companion. LOLlolololol.......

Look at my eyebags due to the lack of sleep.....

While everyone else slept.... We camwhored....

At the lobby of First World Hotel....
27th March 2013 Daily dressing - 
Peasant Top from H & M and Skorts from Japan.  

After checking in, we gathered at the lobby and went for lunch at Bubbles & Bites.
We ordered whatever that we wanted and......... 
the bill came up to RM 1k++ which of course was sponsored by Resorts World.
Thank you for the generosity. =)))

After lunch, we visited the Genting Galleria.

Pic taken from www.tiffanyyong.com
Thanks babe! =)

Here is some info on Genting which I bet you didn't know. =)))

About Genting Malaysia

Genting Malaysia is one of the leading leisure and hospitality corporations in the world. Listed on Bursa Malaysia with approximately RM20 billion in market capitalisation, Genting Malaysia owns and operates major properties including Resorts World Genting, Resorts World Casino New York City and casinos in the United Kingdom.

Resorts World Genting is a premier leisure and entertainment resort in Malaysia. Equipped with over 8,000 rooms spread across 6 hotels, theme parks with over 50 fun rides and entertainment attractions, over 200 dining and retail outlets, international shows and business convention facilities, Resorts World Genting was previously voted the World’s Leading Casino Resort (2005, 2007-2010) and Asia’s Leading Casino Resort (2005-2010) by World Travel Awards.

In Malaysia, Genting Malaysia also owns and operates Resorts World Kijal (formerly Awana Kijal Golf, Beach & Spa Resort) in Terengganu and Resorts World Langkawi (formerly Awana Porto Malai) in Langkawi.

In the United Kingdom, Genting Malaysia is one of the largest casino operators in the UK and a leading innovator in the provision of high quality customer-focused gaming. It operates 6 casinos in London and 35 casinos in the UK provinces. The Group is presently developing a leisure and entertainment complex at the National Exhibition Centre (“NEC”) in Birmingham, to be known as Resorts World Birmingham. Resorts World Birmingham, when completed, will feature a casino, hotel accommodation, spa, conference and banqueting centre, cinema, food & beverage outlets and a retail outlet centre. 

In the United States of America, Genting Malaysia operates Resorts World Casino New York City, a video lottery facility at the Aqueduct Racetrack in New York City. As the first such facility located in the city, the resort presents a premier entertainment hub providing the ultimate gaming and entertainment experience, with approximately 5,000 gaming machines, shows, events and culinary delights.

Genting Malaysia is a member of the Genting Group, one of Asia’s leading and best-managed multinationals. The Genting Group is the collective name for Genting Berhad, its subsidiaries and associates, which have significant interests in leisure & hospitality, power generation, palm plantation, property development, biotechnology and oil & gas related activities.

For more information, visit www.gentingmalaysia.com.

After visting Genting Galleria, all of us were supposed to check out the new rides at the Theme Park called Waves & Rolling Thunder Mine Train 2. BUT.............. my sister and I did not join them for the rides.

Reasons :

1) We just ate and we are SOOOOO FULL!! I don't want to puke and look unglam.
2)  I don't want to ride the rides anyway, I was afraid my nose would fly away.... hahahahah *I am joking*  I was scared. =)))
3) We rather go shopping.

And so, we went S.H.O.P.P.I.N.G!!!!!!!

Now you know why I have so many wardrobes and why I need to clear my wardrobe space for more....... hahahahhaha


Left to right : Cute vintage inspired teacups ; essential oils ; 
Casual tees from Cotton On for the hubby ; Titbits for the family.

After shopping we went back to the hotel room and we both took a nap. 
Photo of the hotel plus our room.
*Sorry for the mess..... lolololol now you know why I need a maid all for myself.... hahahhaha*

We woke up from our nap at 7pm and then headed to dinner. 
Dinner was served at Coffee Terrance.
Buffet Style 

After dinner, we were supposed to go to Snow World. 
AND......... because I have seen actual snow before, I didn't want that snow "experience".
However, here are photos of the other bloggers having fun....

*I koped the pics from Tiff. =)))* 
Thanks babe!

And on Day 2 – 28th March 2013..........

I woke up at 7.30am to pack up and decided to skip breakfast.
The other bloggers went for breakfast at First World Cafe.

We took a partial group pic while waiting for everyone to gather.
We then left for Kuala Lumpur on a catered coach at 9.30am.

Upon arriving in KL, some of us went for the MICROPAY event while the rest decided to go shopping instead. And of course, I chose to go shopping at Pavilion.....
How could I resist?!?!?! lololol....

And after shopping at Pavilion.... we were supposed to board the coach back to singapore at
One Utama at 2.30pm. BUT..... the coach was delayed for 4 hours and so, we had 4 hours to spend at One Utama. So, we went for KTV. And in all honesty, I didn't sing at all and was busy using the free wifi to whatsapp the hubby and check my emails. hahahahhaha =p

We departed One Utama at 6pm and arrived back in Singapore at about 12.30am. Thank you Resorts World for the invitation and the generosity.

Peak of the trip : All the shopping!!!!!
Dip of the trip : First World hotel has no WIFI!!!!! 

Here is the press release for Genting's FXmicropay Solution :  

Resorts World Genting 1st in Malaysia to offer Online Multi-Currency Pricing
Powered by RBS’s FXmicropayTM solution

Kuala Lumpur/Singapore, 28 March 2013 – Resorts World Genting, the must visit resort in Malaysia under the management of Genting Malaysia Berhad today launched a multi-currency pricing solution on its ‘iHoliday’ online reservation system, developed using FXmicropayTM, the Royal Bank of Scotland’s (RBS) innovative e-commerce foreign exchange management solution.  This makes Resorts World Genting the first resort in Malaysia to be offering such a service. At the launch were Mr Thomas Ng, Senior Vice President of eServices & Risk Management, Resorts World Genting and Andrew Sill, Country Executive of RBS Berhad together with Mr Chow Wei Heng, Vice President of National Marketing, Resorts World Genting.

Through RBS’s FXmicropay, Resorts World Genting will receive direct FX rates which are linked to the ‘iHoliday’ online reservation system, allowing customers to conduct instant multi-currency pricing and ultimately charging the same amount.

In his speech, Thomas Ng commented, ‘The Resort saw 3.6 million unique visitors and nearly 7 million visitors to our website annually.  The iHoliday has over 156,000 transactions per year and sold approximately 220,000 room nights and tickets, of which 35% are from overseas customers.  We anticipate increase of visitors to the Resort in the coming years with more attractions being introduced at the Resort and with significant presence of the Resorts World brand globally.  It is important for us to keep in the trend and continue to provide more user friendly platforms for our customers to visit our websites and make bookings at ease.

With the multi-currency pricing, it is a digital enhancement that I foresee will bring two-way significant gains to both the business and to our consumers. The core benefit of this enhancement is to notably improve customers’ experience where our customers can browse and buy our products such as hotel rooms, theme park tickets and show tickets in the currency that they recognize best.  It will take away

the surprise element that is currently associated with exchange rate fluctuations and conversions, making online transactions transparent and straightforward.’

The online multi-currency pricing is now available at www.rwgenting.com under iHoliday booking for Resorts World Genting, Resorts World Kijal and Resorts World Langkawi.  Customers can now pay for their purchases online in any of these currencies – Malaysian Ringgit (MYR), US Dollar (USD) or the Singapore Dollar (SGD). 

“RBS has had a longstanding relationship with Genting Group, and we are delighted to partner with Genting Malaysia Berhad to offer Resorts World Genting’s customers a personalised and transparent pricing system,” said Andrew Sill. “RBS has launched our FXmicropay solution successfully with many clients including online retailers, hoteliers and airlines, and we believe Genting will also benefit from the cost efficiencies this solution will enable.  Coupled with RBS’s sophisticated cash management services, RBS’s FXmicropay solution will create a streamlined processing and administration process that will meet Resorts World Genting’s increased e-commerce business needs.”

RBS’s FXmicropay is an automated advanced pricing tool that supports over 130 currencies and has the ability to handle up to 3,000 transactions per second 24x7. The solution is also able to set exchange rates in advance, prior to sales being completed and guarantee the FX rates for up to several days. 

Thank you people for making this trip such as awesome one.... =)))

Trip was sponsored by :


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