O'nine is a new gel nail system that is healthier and safer for salon owners to use as it does not emit unhealthy vapours. Additionally, it also uses facial-degree pigments in achieving over 100 shades of richly hued colours for ladies to choose from. Lastly, Onine is made super easy to remove so there is no need for buffing that may harm the natural nails.

I was invited to Amara Hotel to test out O'Nine's range of products and I brought along my sister to be my nail model.

My face after fillers and botox...... no more nasal folds!!! 
 I love u Dr Chow Yuen How from www.cosmeticsurgery.sg and and and 
My 2 tone colored hair..... nice? :)))) done at 313 shunji matsuo by Caely Tham!!!! 

 I am chooooo Happy with all the "beauty upgrades" done on 2nd April 2013 hahahaha :)))))) 

 Daily Dressing - 3 April 2013 White dress from Victoria by Victoria beckham, 
mustard balenciagia & awesome hair by 313 Shunji Matsuo - Caely Tham! :))))

Take a look at the nail art I did on my sister using O'Nine pure gel range. 
The picture of stitch is done by the nail artist at O'nine and the rest were done by me. Nice? =)

Stitch nail art! ♥