Valentine's Day is just round the corner.  Time of the year again where women wait for surprises from their men in eager anticipation, and time of the year for sleepness nights for men trying to figure out the perfect surprise that will earn them praise from their beloved women. ..(⌒.−)=★

Fret not, men! We girls are easy to please. Just show us the effort and thought put behind your gestures, and you are sure to score with a double thumbs up.

Ladies, do appreciate your men's actions, and understand that they are doing their best (albeit if some of the surprises make us cringe and turn away in

In this post, in the spirit of the annual V-Day, I shall focus on:

3 things men wish women knew

1) Give your men credit and praise where it is due.

Most men are praise junkies. They love being told that they are appreciated.

For example:
Hubby rushes home when he heard that I was not feeling well. 
He makes sure I take my med and pats me to sleep, holding onto my hand while I was asleep and tried to reply his work emails at home with only one hand.

This takes alot of time and effort and love on his part; which, I must admit makes me very very very happy on the inside. I tell him,"Thank you 老公 for rushing home upon hearing that I am unwell." Just hearing the words thank you makes him feel appreciated and I am sure that while he would do this anyhow because he loves me, but because of this added element of appreciation, he would do it again more willingly when it happens the next time ( eh, i not a sicknote hor! =)))

Imagine if I had just taken it for granted that he should have done this or that. As time passed, he would feel the lack of motivation to want to please me especially since his efforts was not appreciated. 

2) Don't speak to your men with contempt when they don't get it right.

Contempt in any relationship is the most destructive trait. The effect of contempt and cynical remarks are insidious and the result is like a cancerous tumour which grows and grows, slowly but deadly, festering from the inside.

Treating your boyfriend or spouse with contempt damages both your relationship and your loved ones in ways that make it hard to recover. Even when a dramatic change occurs, the pain caused by your contemptuous actions or words might be permanent. Contempt can be seen in multiple ways – through dismissive gestures, cynical words, belittling tone, eye-rolling and so on. Contempt = disgust. Contempt signals your superiority and their inferiority. AND worse of all, CONTEMPT destroys both of you.

So, explain to your men nicely when they don't get it right!

Build them up with love, not tear them apart with contempt!!!

3) MOST men are simple creatures with simple needs. 

Men are not as sensitive as women. Most men have simple needs and desires and are not dramatically emotional -- unlike women. Men do not require delicately prepared dinners elaborately presented on the finest china wear. Most men just want the comfort of a happy and cosy home. Most men seek the love of strong woman with her own opinions and a level head on her shoulders.  A simple gesture brightens up their days immensely.  So, ladies, what are you waiting for? Go out and please your men today!

And so..... I seeked the opinion of my man -- Hubby--for pointers on how to dress up for Valentine's Day.

The awesome peeps at sent me their Chinese New Year greetings with a huge parcel of clothes and the hubby picked his 3 favourite pieces.

The hubby loves how this quirky and funky Aztec skirt hugs my curves. PLUS its super comfy too!!!!

The hubby loves how sweet this peasant top makes me look and the hearts embroidered on it makes it look oh-so-kawaii!

The hubby loves this simple top which makes me look understatingly sexy.

Mini interview with the peeps at

What made you decide to start your own business? 

We want to share our love for fashion to everyone. The fun and pleasure of creating our own designs led us to have our own business. We are never tired of fashion. The adrenaline is now being stirred by satisfied customers who love the apparels as much as we do.

How did you decide on apparel?

We browse through magazines and fashion blogs for the latest fashion news. At the end of the day, we only sell apparels that we will wear; chic yet everlasting.

In what ways do you promote your business?

Facebook, Twitter, instagram, print media? Social media has become a hugely important marketing channel for us. As an online retailer, the online conversation and community is a key influencer and traffic driver for the business. We try to engaged in as many effective modes of social media to expand our customer base.

What skills did you already have when you started your business and what did you have to learn?

We learn mostly on the job.
The most important thing we learn with running our own online business is understanding our products, our market and target audience and putting our customer at the heart of everything we do.


So, ladies, I hope these the three tips provided above -- with feedback from hubby-- managed to give you a better insight into the minds of our men.  Remember, a relationship is like a vehicle -- it has to be regularly maintained and serviced in order for it to reach its full potential!

Have a joyous festive lunar new year ahead, and happy valentine's day in advance y'all!!