If you are not chinese and want to know more, here's some information on how we prepare for the Chinese New Year here in Singapore. =)))) 

Every family does a thorough springcleaning, throwing out the old stuff and then we will put away all our cleaning tools on Chinese New Year's eve. During the Chinese New Year -- 10th Feb 2013 till 12th feb 2013, due to superstitions, we are not allowed to sweep or clean the house at all. As Chinese, we believe that cleaning our house on Chinese New Year day means we will sweep all our good luck out of our front door.

This week is also a very very busy week for us, the supermarkets are packed with people busy purchasing enough food for the festival. Items which are vital for the Chinese New Year includes fish, meat, roasted nuts and seeds, all kinds of candies and mandarin oranges and fruits etc.

For some people, red scrolls with complementary poetic couplets, one line on each side of the gate, are pasted at every gate. The Chinese character 'Fu' is pasted on the center of the door and paper-cut pictures adorn windows. For me and my family, we are not a big fan of such decorations so no decor for us.

Chinese New Year is a new start for a new year, so it is regarded as a BRAND NEW START.

We as chinese have many taboos during this period. I am going to share some of the taboos with you.

  • Many unlucky words like -- “death”, “lose”, “broken”,  “no money”, “killing”, “ghost”, “illness” or “sickness” are forbidden.

  • Also, it is considered as unlucky if our 米桶 (rice barrel) is empty, because it is believed that if the rice barrel is empty, one will have nothing to eat throughout the year.

  • Taking medicine is forbidden on this day, otherwise, people will have sick for the whole year and take medicine constantly.

  • Food during this festival has its characteristics, which is the representative of Chinese festival food culture. Dumplings and the reunion dinner are indispensable at this time. Cold and hot dishes are all served. Fish is always an important dish then, which expresses people’s hope of having a wealthy new year.

  • New hair color and manicures/ pedicures has to be done before the Chinese New Year celebrations. This represents a beautiful you in this brand new year! I changed my hair color from a mocha brown to an ash brown. My beautiful silky looking hair is done at 313 Shunji Matsuo. Address :313 Orchard Road, #03-26, 313 @somerset Singapore, Singapore 238895 Tel : 6238 0226

Most important of all, new CLOTHES NEW CLOTHES............

The lovely babes at www.antiestablish.com sent me their chinese new year greetings with a parcel of new clothes.... Here are my favourite pieces:

The Joy Luck Club Backless V Maxi Dress 

I love this red maxi dress..... look so cute and sweet in front and tadah..... sexy behind!!!!

Malice in Wonderland Cut-Out-Shoulders Top

Perfect basic sexy looking top for my yoga sessions....
Matches my leopard exercise pants perfectly!!!!

Joie De Vivre Lace Heart Pocket Tunic

A cute tunic with a hearto at the side....
Makes my legs look like they last forever....

Are you prepared for Chinese New Year already????? 

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