It has been ages since I last baked -- I didn't love the ex-boyfriend enough to bake for him. In fact, I think cooking is an expression of L.O.V.E. If you love someone, you would want to nuture them by cooking for them. If you love someone, you would want to do everything hands-on for them.

And because I wanted to be a "better" wife, I took Anna's Christmas Cookie Art lesson on 21st Dec 2012.

The class comprised of about 12 students. I liked Anna at first sight because she was very chirpy and happy. Props for her personality. 
After explaining the steps we need to take to make the cookies, Anna showed us how to mix the ingredients and prepare the royal icing from scratch. Since there were 12 students, we were divided into   6 groups of 2 each. Each group was given different ingredients and different cookie cutters. Each group made one type of cookie and then after baking, Anna divided all the flavors amongst the 12 of us.

We made 6 different types of cookies :
☆ Vanilla based cookies
☆ Reduced sugar butter cookies
☆ Coffee cookies
☆ Chocolate cookies
☆ Citrus cookies
☆ Spice cookies

I was given the Citrus cookie ingredient pack which consisted of butter, sugar, egg yolk, flour and the grated zest of orange and lemon.

If you want to know how its done... go join Anna's classes, okok.... Shall not reveal too much here. lolololol =p

Anna showed us how to decorate the cookies with fancy frosting using royal icing.  I truly enjoyed myself very much and the hubby loved the cookies too.

Check out their website here - Sugar Inc :

They conduct a wide range of classes, here are some :
☆ Pineapple tarts baking class
☆ Pandan cake baking class
☆ Hokkaido cupcake baking class
☆ Valentine Day's macaroons
☆ Muffin making

Or if you need a space to bake and do not want to purchase the oven etc, Sugar Inc rents out their workstations for your baking pleasure!!!!!

Info below:

Need a space to bake? Rent our workstations for your baking pleasure. Bring your own ingredients, food containers and aprons and just have fun! Baking workstations are suitable for maximum 4 people.

Workstations subject to availability. Price includes the use of 1 oven + 1 mixer per workstation. Basic tools can be loaned to you upon request, subject to availability.

Please book in advance and request for the tools you require beforehand.

Rental cost

- 1 workstation: $25 refundable deposit + $60 rental for 3 hours block = $85

- 2 workstations: $50 refundable deposit + $120 rental for 3 hours block = $170

- 3 workstations: $75 refundable deposit + $180 rental for 3 hours block = $255

- 4 workstations: $100 refundable deposit + $240 rental for 3 hours block = $340

Have fun baking ya'll~~

Sugar Inc.
Address : Block 46, Jln Bukit Ho Swee #01-874 
(facing PSB academy, near Tiong Bahru MRT) 
Email : 
Contact : 90098763