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I love BIG EYES and I cannot lie.

But even after surgery, the largeness of my eyes are restricted by the skills of the surgeon. 

If you love watching anime, one of the first things you'll notice is that many of the anime characters have eyes that are much much larger than real-life. And, if you look a little deeper, you will notice that only certain anime characters actually have these "large doleful eyes". 

You will gradually notice that big eyes are usually only drawn on characters that portray innocence, youth, and these characters still see a magic in the world around them. These anime characters with big eyes are usually amazed by the world around them and are excited by all the wonders the world contains.

Since the size of my eyes are already stretched to the maximum after surgery, I can only enlarge them using big eye lens and make-up. Here are some of my favorite big eye lenses which I usually order online.

These are from .
Delivery is very quick. 
Usually after payment, I would receive my orders within 2 days.
This time, I ordered these : 
2 x Princess Mimi Almond Brown , 
1 x Geo Circle Black CK105 , 
1 x Geo GrangGrang Choco , 
1 x Princess Mimi Sesame Grey 
and 1 x EOS Neon Pink.

26th Jan 201 - Otw to a food tasting event with the hubby 
and I am using Geo GrangGrang Choco contact lenses. 

25th Jan 2013 - Changed my hair color from mocha brown 
to ash brown for Chinese New Year at 313 Shunji Matsuo.
I am using Geo Circle Black CK105 in this photo.

24th Jan 2013 - Preparing to go meet my favorite peeps for dinner.
I am wearing Princess Mimi Almond Brown in this photo.

24th Jan 2013 - Preparing to go meet my favorite peeps for dinner and just because I can't decide which contact lenses I love more.... I put on EOS Neon Pink in this photo.

If you like my big eye make-up seen above, 
I used this Japanese magazine scan tutorial to achieve that look. 
I hope you babes like it too!!
Ranodmly found this online and I saved the scan on my com.
Sorry I forgot where I got it from. =p 

So now you know where I get my favorite contact lenses and how I create the big eye look for myself. I hope you like what I shared. =))))


Lisa said...

Jacqueline! I have difficulty putting the contact lenses in :( any tips for first-time users?

Jacqueline Angelicious said...

hi babe,
1) you have to soak the new lenses for about 1-2 hours before you try putting into your eyes.
2) Drip some saline solution into your eye.
3) Use 1 finger to pull your eye lid up, then use another finger to pull your lower eyelids down and pop the contacts in. =)))

It should feel comfy now. =)))) Let me know if it works! =))

Pink Daisy said...

Hi Jacqueline! I love your skin care tips :) Apologies if the information is wrong but to my knowledge, the singapore government has banned online sales of contact lenses and only allows sales from registered optometrists. i realized that the website is malaysian. is it safe? thanks!

Jacqueline Angelicious said...

Hi Pink daisy,

Yup the singapore government has banned the sales of contact lenses online.

I usually purchase from this place. So far so good for me. =)

Anonymous said...

Hi Jacqueline

U mentioned that you did eye surgery. Was it double eyelid? Mind sharing where and which doc did it for you as I am looking and considering whom I should go to and the cost as well. Thanks.

Jacqueline Angelicious said...

Hi maqisa JustMaqisa

If you read my plastic baby posts, I did lateral, epi, and parallel double eyelids. Please email me directly thanks.