I am starting a new series of reviews :  FOOD TASTING REVIEWS which I would label them as -
WTF aka "Where's the food?!"


And if you know me, my life has been a constant battle between my love for food and staying slim.

In fact, my hubby calls me "Tam Chiak" -- 贪吃!
hahahahhaa.... and at times when I am noming away, I think he secretly openly thinks that I am a hamster.... =p

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This week's foodie place is : Shiraz Lazziz Authentic Persian Cuisine

Do you remember walking past Ngee Ann city and catching a whiff of barbequed meat??

Or have you been to Clarke Quay and seen a snaking queue outside a restaurant where live belly dancing performers were shaking things up??

If you have a vague memory of either, then perhaps you have tasted the yummy cuisine offered by the Shiraz group. Their latest score is the opening of their first Persian Gourmet Bistro Bar called Shiraz Lazziz.

A simple summary of their business: 
"Shiraz is Singapore’s authentic Persian cuisine destination. Persian chefs work the art of fire on the finest of meats and seafood, char-grilling them to perfection. The tantalizingly grilled kebabs are served with premium basmati rice flavored with saffron. Shiraz is known as the Persian Cuisine destination, leaving the legacy of days past resounding on your lips. For centuries, only the finest Persian food graced the tables of Monarchs and nobility. Shiraz similarly strives to share Persian cuisine as a wonderful discovery, offering a fantastic amalgamation of both healthy and exotic food.

A dinner typically includes combinations of premium long grain fragrant rice with meat, chicken or fish; with garlic, vegetables and nuts. The flavor is balanced with the delicate addition of premium Persian spices, such as saffron. Shiraz specializes in Grilled Kebabs. These popular meaty specials are served in bite sized goodness and skewered to perfection. The meat consists only of the finest fillet, chicken, lamb or beef and lightly seasoned with the chef’s secret recipe. In order to impart more flavors to the meats, they are scintillatingly cooked over charcoal. Only the freshest cuts of poultry, meat, and fish are used, ensuring an authentic taste."

The restaurant is located at THE STAR VISTA 1 Vista exchange green #02-02.  Do take note that the entrance to Shiraz is facing the boardwalk, comfortably nestled behind the German restaurant Brotzeit.  Do ask the friendly staff of the Oktoberfesties for directions if unsure. =)

The restaurant interior reminds me of a scene from "The prince of persia - Sands of time." There was an abundant use of symbolic geometry blended into the furniture, the lightings chosen was romantic and i think the perfect word would be "a risque ambience".  The also decor matched the beauty of the food perfectly. 

What we had that day : 

Pic of my hubby, me and the marketing manager of Shiraz --Arun.

The food was divine, the lamb shank was aromatic, odourless, and beyond tender, with rice so delicate and so immensely flavoured it was beyond description. The duck was perfectly roasted, evenly cooked on the inside with a hint of cripsy skin on the outside and when we cut it, the meat was falling off the bone.  The duck came with a sauce so divine, I wanted to lick the plate! But because I was with other bloggers, I tried to refrain myself.

Persian food consists mainly of Basmati rice, lime -- tons of lime, fresh pomegranate, meat and herbs. And if you are not someone big on carbo like me, then order one main and one starter. That should be more than enough for a table of two. 

The chicken and prawns came skewed and barbequed and sprinkled with spices. I can't say much about the chicken but the prawns was succulent and juicy -- just good old fashion NOMFEST in your mouth.

We ended the meal with a dessert -- baklava and mint tea. The mint flavour of the tea was quite subtle at first but as we chatted, the taste of the tea develops and became a very soothing end to our delicious sinful meal.

The service was excellent and attentive, the chef came out twice to enquire if everything was ok with us. Prices were abit steep with the duck priced at $47 per portion, however the portions were very generous.

Do expect to spend about $100 for two. 

Restaurant   : Shiraz Lazziz Persian bistro and bar
Address        : THE STAR VISTA 1 Vista exchange green #02-02.
Contact         :6749-0600
Website         : www.shirazfnb.com

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