I am a perfectionist when it comes to keeping things organised. But usually because I am very dependent on my maid, I hardly spend time doing things myself.

(My current maid has been with me for the past 6 years and has just renewed her contract. YAY for me lol.... Totally shows how "MUCH" housework I do.... aka none at all...)

Anyway, because I have been spending time reading up on home decor and DIY-ing your home, I decided to start organising our stuff and by stuff I mean STUFF!!!! 

Hahahhahaha.... little did I know what I was getting myself into.... 

Organising around the home is slowly becoming my current obsession. 

So, here's some projects that I think might interest you guys :


DIY your own table organiser

Things you would need : 
❤ Old unused packaging boxes in any size
❤ Ruler
❤ Scissors 
❤ Hot Glue Gun & Glue sticks (Mine are from Daiso)
❤ Paper ( gift wrapping paper or scrap booking paper both are fine )
❤ Pen Knife
❤ Masking tape 
❤ Clothes Pegs
❤ Time

Cost of this project : 

Approx. $2-$3 for me because I already have all these materials.
Try to find unwanted cereal boxes / boxes from your purchases like perfume packaging / toiletries packaging / any type of old packaging.

Time spent : 
2 hours of gluing and wrapping while watching Tv.

Steps : 

1) Choose from your "range" of old unwanted boxes. I said "range" because everytime I bought something, I keep the boxes so that I can repurpose them when I felt creative enough. Use the largest box as the base and the smaller boxes as the dividers within the largest box.

Make sure that the boxes you choose fit nicely.

2) Choose a wrapping paper that you have enough of. If you are purchasing, please buy at least 4-5 pieces just in case you mess up. Plus you wouldn't want to run to the stores to get the same wrapping paper again.

3) I used brown kraft paper masking tape to tape the old unused boxes before I wrapped them. Reason for doing so was because I wanted the boxes to fit each other nicely so I made some cuts and folds to the boxes. After cutting and folding, I would tape them securely.

4) Cut the wrapping paper and ensure that you wrap the inside of the box first before the outside. Its neater this way. ( Would write a tutorial on how to wrap neatly soon~~~)

5) Use liquid UHU glue or white glue or a hot glue gun to glue the wrapping paper to the box.

I prefer hot glue gun because it dries quickly. Sorry I am pretty impatient. =p

6) Wrap all the small boxes and then glue the bottom of each small box into the largest box. ( This step is totally optional.) I prefer to glue but you can choose not to.

Then fill your own table organiser with the clutter on your table. For me, I filled my table organiser with my arty farty materials like scissors / hot glue sticks / shimmer powder / arylic paints / clean washed paint brushes / stamps / paper lace for my scrap booking / embossing powders / paper punches /   fabric stickers etc.

Neat and cheap!!!!

Read here for other ideas on how to organise your stuff :

DIY Drawer Organiser
DIY Trash Organiser


Allocating a place for everything 

Things I bought :

Things you would need : 
❤ Boxes - Bought or repurposed old boxes with wrapping paper / scrap booking paper 
(To be honest, I think if you want a really neat and organised room, get boxes of different sizes in the same color.) If you need help getting boxes or if you like mine, please email me at jacquelineangelicious@gmail.com

❤ Space / shelf / cupboard to store everything.

(I spent 2-3 weeks taking all of my hubby's stuff out to disinfect and clean and organise.)

Cost of this project :
Approx. $1200 for me because I spent money purchasing the shelves from Ikea, these kraft boxes in different sizes and styles; plus disinfectant and baby wipes.

Time spent : 
I spent 2-3 weeks taking all of my hubby's stuff to disinfect and clean and organise.
And this time spent was only for organising my hubby's stuff only. lolololol.....

Steps : 

1) Get Ikea's Billy Bookcase -- measure your room before you decide which Billy Bookcase suits you most.
(We bought 3 Billy Bookcases -  a combination set at about $800++ with the doors.)

2) Take all the stuff you want to organise and start sorting them out in piles.

We have 6 main piles : 
- Hubby's soccer items = soccer gloves and soccer boots
- Books we want to read soon 
- Books we want to keep but do not want to read soon
- Daily essentials ( spectacles / keys / perfume / sunglasses etc)
- Medicine that is not expired
- Bills

3) After everything is sorted, I started to disinfect yes yes you read that right, I am OCD -- and everything has to be disinfected. lololol =p 
Everything was disinfected with dettol. 
I mixed my ow disinfectant -- pure alcohol bought from watson's + dettol + a few drops of your favourite essential oils in a spray bottle.
Wrap up the items in an airtight vacuumed ziplock bag if you want to keep them in good condition and free of mould / dust.

4) Find a place for everything. 
For me I sorted everything in 3 main categories -- SPORTS and WORK and HOME.

Simple, neat and organised!!!!!
Now you know what I do with most of my time, I spent it learning how to be a good wife. hahahahha..... Till the next post~~