Ok so, we went on a short trip to Maldives last month.

And no, this is not our honeymoon....

In fact, this trip was pretty last minute and the hubby booked the trip approx. 2 weeks before the actual day.

The hubby booked the Jacuzzi Water villa with full board. And because the hubby is a Krisflyer gold class member, the flight of this trip was claimed fully with his miles.

Shall let the photos do the talking~~

All photos seen here are taken with a SONY NEX F-3 

There are more photos from our underwear disposable camera which I have yet to develope.

My hubby went snorkling, I tried for 30 seconds and then I clung onto hubby's back just because the fear of sharks being around me scared me so much.

After what felt like eternity to me, (hubby said it only took me less than 2 mins to decide I wanted to be back on the ship), I swam back to the boat and refused to budge.... hahahahhaha super spoil sport me =p

The hubby has a diving cert too but because I am not joining him, he didn't dive this round. In all honesty, I wouldn't ever dive anyway just because I am too fearful of the eels / jellyfish and whatnots. Lololololol.............

OK la ok la... I surrendered to my fears la.... 

I think the hubby enjoyed his trip as he got to play soccer with the other hotel guests everyday. There was nothing much for me to do except to laze around and read; when it was time for breakfast / lunch / dinner, I "lumbered" over to the buffet spread and "gobbled" the food. (I am totally joking about the "lumbering" and  "gobbling". No!  Really!!!!!)

The resort the hubby chose was amazing, the staff were really friendly and we had an awesome view of the sunset at the beach bar. 

We also went to the over the water spa, the spa was set on stilts over the sea with a breath-taking view of the never-ending sea. The treatment room had a small area with glass-bottomed floors and while enjoying the massage, we get a personal showcase of the underwater world below.

We both had the hot stones massage treatment and the heat from the stones plus the gentle waves of the sea lulled both of us into another world where unicorns were real and peace on earth prevailed for that 2-3hours.

All I took with me from this trip to Maldives, was the stunning views which spanned across the crystal clear waters of the Indian Ocean and the song that he sang to me under the enchanting night skies with the full moon glowing and the stars shining brightly upon us that night.

This trip created a very romantic memory of our time spent in paradise and I am very thankful for the hubby's love which he never fails to shower upon me each and everyday.