See that old lady carrying around a baby doll? She lost her own baby because of someone else's cruel actions.

See that girl that stands alone? No one ever invites her to join them.

See that boy that's obsessed with the color pink? His mom is battling cancer, and he wears it to honor her.

See that person you just insulted? They already have enough problems at home.

Recognize that person who wears the same thing everyday? Their family barely has money for food, let alone clothing. But they still donate to charity.

See that girl that's always smiling, laughing, and giggling? She cries long, hard, and silently every night.

Don't judge a person when you don't know their story. Don't be affected when you are judged as well; stay true to yourself and trudge on.... Everything will be ok!!!

And here's my ONE and ONLY New year resolution 2013~~~ 
"I will Never ever let anyone dull my sparkle.." (^_−)−☆