My hair sponsor 313 Shunji Matsuo has always been so A.W.E.S.O.M.E!!!!

Everytime I step out of the salon, I feel like I just stepped out of a hair commercial. My hair is usually done by Caely Tham -- The hair whisperer ( a nickname I coined for her) and her assistants. 

Just 2 weeks ago, 313 Shunji Matsuo had a new product -- CUREMENT HERBAL SERIES.

Gist of this product :

 ❤ This is a 3 step hair treatment imported from Japan to strengthen your hair and makes each strand more resistant and less prone to breakage.

 ❤ This is an organic product laced with essential oils like :
Rosemary / Sage / Thyme / Yarrow / Cucumber / Wild rose

 ❤ This treatment consists of a fantastic emollient -- ARGAN OIL.
Read here to understand my obsession with ARGAN OIL :

Pre-order for 100% PURE ARGAN OIL closes every MONDAY, and this pre-order is directly from MORROCO.

Argan oil originates from Morocco.
Argan oil contains Oleic Acid and Vitamin E 10x more than other oils.
Argan oil is very effective for anti-aging.

 ❤ This treatment consists of Morgan Butter that improves the smooth silky feel of your hair.

 ❤ This treatment consists of Jojoba Oil which has a high anti-oxidant effect and it also improves your hair texture making it resistant to UV rays and dryness.

❤ This treatment also consists of Damask Rose oil -- ANOTHER FAVE OF MINE.
I use Damask Rose essential oil (also known as rose otto essential oil)  in my essential oil burner almost daily and the hubby says that the aroma of the Damask Rose essential oils keeps him charged and makes him feel happy.

Damask Rose oil originates from Bulgaria.
The Damask rose has the strongest fragance among the other rose breeds.
It also has a strong moisturising effect in addition to the aroma.

❤ Price for this hair treatment done at 313 Shunji Matsuo : $101 /$118 / $139 / $155

❤ If you are the matchy matchy type, who likes your haircare to all be from the same company, then you'll be most pleased to know that CUREMENT HERBAL has a home use range as well!!!!

And of cos I had to get my hands on anything that contains ARGAN OIL because I know how good it is for me and my hair.

You have to try it to know how good it is really!!!!!

CUREMENT HERBAL home use range available at 313 SHUNJI MATSUO.
CUREMENT HERBAL organic repairing shampoo (300ml) : SGD$61
CUREMENT HERBAL organic shining mask (300ml) : SGD$49

Thank you 313 Shunji Matsuo for always always keeping yourself updated and most of all for bringing in the best products for our hair!