Received my November parcel from Vanity Trove.
And here's what inside....

This product interests me the most!!!!!

For others CO2 laser helps to reduce scars, for me, CO2 laser helps me to minimise my open pores.
Being fair and scarless and poreless is the key to flawless baby smooth skin. So a new product that works is always welcome to join my extensive collection of beauty products lololol....

Neogence Pore Solution Series is created by a team of dermatolgists, a bio-medical doctor and a professional pharmacist who have conducted vast amounts of research and analyzing of the skin’s pore problems.

To keep it simple and brief – when skin produces too much sebum, pores become blocked resulting in white heads, black heads and the worst, enlarged pores which loose their elasticity and finally lead to pock marks and very troublesome skin problems. Needless to say, with such professionals involved and the research done, the results are pretty amazing. Neogence Pore Solution Series will “effectively control sebum, keep the germs at bay, dissolve acne and rebuild pores”. I’d say try it, and you will be astonished.


Active ingredients of:- Sebaryl and Evermat which controls the sebum or oily levels in skin, Glycacid, Mandelic Acid and Evermat this oil-soluble and water-soluble complex which can effectively dissolve blocked heads and prevent pores becoming bigger, O-cymen-50L this regulating antibiotic which controls germs and prevents acne and pimples, Laricyl and witch hazel extract these ingredients will help pores regain elasticity leading to tightened pores.

How to use it effectively:

Thoroughly cleanse and prep skin with a toner or lotion as usual, Apply an appropriate amount of pore minimizing serum specifically to to problem areas. For best results, use in conjuction with other Neogence skin care products from their Pore Solutions series.

Where to buy:

All SASA outlets

I have just started using the Neogence Pore Solution Series yesterday so its still too early to tell if it works for me. Will keep you guys updated. =)))

Other goodies inside the Vanity Trove box....

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