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So.... Does Kelo-cote Scar Gel Work?

❤  Odorless

❤  Retails at : SGD$74 to SGD$90 for 15mg

❤  Leaves a sticky residue

❤  Not suitable for use under make-up

 Ingredients : Silicon Dioxide, Polysiloxanes

❤  How to use : After cleansing the area, pat dry and gently spread a thin coat over the scar. 
     Apply once a day for best results.

❤  Kelo-cote helps prevent abnormal or excessive scar formation.

❤  Kelo-cote is a patented product.

❤  Kelo-cote is transparent in color.

❤  Safe and effective for use on scars from surgery, trauma or burns.

❤  The mild formula won’t sting upon application and it is gentle enough for use on children and those with sensitive skin.

❤  Gentle yet effective, this scar treatment gel is clinically proven to minimize redness, hardness, elevation, itch and pain associated with scar healing.

❤   Kelo-cote provides the optimal healing environment for the wound to mature by forming a flexible, breathable and waterproof barrier that binds to the top layer of your skin.

My personal take on the kelo-cote scar gel : 

This product helps REDUCE the appearance of scars including Keloids.
I used this scar gel once my stitches were taken out for all my surgeries therefore I do not have scars at all. For existing old scars -- like marks from falling down or pimple scars etc, I also used this scar gel, it helped lighten the scars. However, this scar gel produces slow results. I did not see any improvement to my existing old scars even after prolonged usage for over 3 weeks. After continuously applying this scar gel for 6 weeks, I saw my existing old scars lighten. If you are purchasing this scar gel for scar removal treatment, please take note that you may need more than 1 tube.

I felt that through the help of immediate usage of Kelo-cote, my surgical scars are minimized and cannot be seen with the naked eye.

But for existing scars like acne scars, Kelo-cote may help lighten the scar but you would need to be patient as the results may be slow.

However, I still love this product as I have tried so many other scar gels, some I used like more than 3 tubes still no results. But kelo-cote after using it, it has proven its worth! I know the results may be slow especially since I want results ASAP, but I know for sure that after continuous application, kelo-cote will work! I recommend that you add this product to your regular routine to help minimize marks and help with old existing scars; and of course restore your confidence and beauty.

Before applying, make sure the area to be treated is clean and dry. Apply a very thin coat once or twice daily and let it dry. According to the manufacturer, you can apply sunscreen or cosmetics once the gel has dried. But I don't apply the scar gel under make-up. I only apply the scar gel at night before going to bed.

This product should be used for 60 to 90 days for optimal results.