We live in a fast paced society and sometimes we can get caught up in the hustle and bustle of life. Although things are much more convenient today, sometimes I find myself having less time to do the things that needs to be done. Sometimes I am led to believe that life in Singapore is much too hectic for our own good.

Look around you and you'll see students leading a busy life; their schedule is filled with studies, CCAs and tuition. Working adults are also not spared this hectic lifestyle; with countless of meetings and deadlines to meet, its little wonder why our birth rate is so low.

We all need to learn to slow down and not get irritated or take things too seriously, as life holds many many amazing things that we sometimes miss out because we are too busy fretting over the smallest issues.

The hubby is often very tired from work and I know he finds it hard to 'stop and smell the roses', however I always plan HOME SPA NIGHTS for him. This is his sanctuary for relaxation right in our own home! 

Here's how I plan a HOME SPA NIGHT for him, which I think you can also use it for your kids and of course yourself!!!!! After all, a healthy mummy has more energy to take care of her family!

Things you'll need : 
1) A good organic facial scrub
2) A good organic body scrub -- dead sea salts or sugar scrubs are the best
3) A mud mask for the face
4) A mud mask for the body
5) Massage oils
6) A burner
7) Candles to set the mood
8) Essential Oils -- Lavender is always a good choice

Here are some of the spa products in my collection : 

1) Flenco Forever Young Rose Facial Scrub
 All products sold online at www.flenco.com.sg comes with free delivery within Singapore. 

2) Flenco Body Shaper Lemongrass Dead Sea Body Scrub
All products sold online at www.flenco.com.sg comes with free delivery within Singapore. 

3) Flenco Scrub soap with olive leaves
All products sold online at www.flenco.com.sg comes with free delivery within Singapore. 

4) Flenco Forever Young Rose Mud Mask
All products sold online at www.flenco.com.sg comes with free delivery within Singapore. 

5) Borghese Fango Active Mud for body

6) Massage oil I mixed myself -- 10ml of Argan oil + 6 drops of lavender essential oil + 4 drops of rose otto essential oil (You can purchase massage oils from various places too if you do not want to mix your own. )

STEPS in creating your own HOME SPA EXPERIENCE :

First, ensure that the room you are going to use is FREE OF CLUTTER as clutter would only make you feel more stressed.

Next, I will light up the burner and add essential oils to it, usually I use Lavender or lemongrass. The aroma of lavender helps decrease anxiety, aids depression and calms your nerves. The aroma of lemongrass is an excellent sedative, and it calms the mind and relieves tension.

I would draw a bath for the hubby and place the facial scrubs and body scrubs in the toilet for him.

After he is done, I would give him a massage with the massage oils I mixed. I have gone for classes in massage and therefore am very adept in all sorts of massages. Usually I would do a Swedish Massage for the hubby; if he is feeling the fatigue from his soccer sessions, I would recommend the sports massage to him.

You can also opt for a therapist to come to your doorstep to provide such services to you.

Here are some of the treatments on Flenco's menu:

A detoxifying lemongrass body scrub followed with our slimming mud wrap - promotes perspiration and stimulate the body's metabolism, followed by a body massage with our lavender slimming oil moisturizer.
90 minutes | S$220.00

We exfoliate your skin removing all toxins, followed with our natural clarifying honey mud mask and finished with our grapefruit or coconut oil moisturizing mask. An invigorating scalp and foot massage
completes the relaxation.
60 minutes | S$160.00

Facials, Body Treatments or Massages can be customised for two persons. Choose the type of music, candles and incense to make this package a unique personal ambiance.  
Price to be confirmed.

Its ok to have a hectic lifestyle if you know how to strike a balance. Don't allow stress from your work or living up to the society's standards to cause your relationships to drift apart or anxiety to cause the deterioration of your mental health. It is important for all of us to learn to take care of our emotional well being so that we can take on new challenges as they come.

I hope by sharing how I create our own home spa experience would pique your interest too!

Till the next post~~

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