The days seem to fly by, before I know it, its almost Christmas and I have been married for 5 months. The hubby has been nothing short of AWESOME!! I am feeling super blissful, super blessed and uber happy!!!

Here's what I have been busy with recently :

5th Oct 2012 - Went to the airport to pick the hubby~~~ 
then I realized I was waiting at the wrong gate hahahhaha super blur!! =p
Daily Dressing - Hubby's White shirt + 

Audrina Skirt from

12th Oct 2012 - Did the Biolage scalp therapy -- this treatment helps balance the PH of your scalp 
and helps in hair loss too!!! I know la my hair is vvvv thick but I want to ensure it is 
so thick even when I am 60 ok!!!! So its always good to start young. $75 at 313 Shunji Matsuo ;))))

12th Oct 2012 - At 313 Shunji Matsuo doing hair treatment -- 
strengthening fiber force 7 Biolage bioservice from $15 only!!! 

12th Oct 2012 - Feeling like a Japanese superstar (^_^)☆☆☆ right here at 313 Shunji Matsuo!

14th Oct 2012 Wedding Lunch at MBS 

23rd Oct 2012 - Spent the whole morning lazing in bed today... 滚来滚去〜

24th Oct 2012 Spent the entire day wasting away on the sofa while 
my mother in law played with our darling niece ~~ 
Life is chooooo AWESOME!!!!! ( ^ω^ )亜うぇそめ!!

One reason I am feeling happy and blissful now is because I don't spend my time worrying about what people think about me and not dwelling on negative comments.

Here are some tips on learning what to ignore so you can lead a HAPPY and FULFILLING life:

TIP #1 :
No matter what decisions you make in life, know that there would be critics. 

Keep your eye on the prize!!!

You don't have to try to make everyone understand the reasons why you made this decision nor explain or defend your decision.

Remember that there will always be critics or naysayers in your life, you have to learn to ignore their criticisms, insults, opinions and crap. You don't need anyone's stamp of  approval because this is your life.

TIP #2 :
To live your life to the FULLEST, never ever waste your valuable time engaging in battles that don't matter. IGNORE!!! IGNORE IGNORE!!!!!

Maxi Dress Red from

Straw hat from H&M.
No one can keep you from your destiny!!!
Remember that what anyone else says about you doesn't define who you truly are!
What others gives or holds from you, doesn't determine your value.
Don't waste your valuable time trying to win over people, learn to accept the fact that some people are never going to celebrate you or support you.

For example, your mother loves to criticize you and yet when your siblings does the same thing, she doesn't give them the same treatment.

Don't worry, always know that the right people has been prepared by the universe to CELEBRATE you, CHEER you on and help you reach your end goal.

The earlier you realize that some people, no matter what you do, are never going to be for you; the earlier you are going to find absolute happiness from inside.

LEARN TO IGNORE these people!

Because even if you tried your best to meet all their criteria and did everything they asked you to do, they would still find something that you're doing wrong. You could go buy them a brand new BMW and hand them the car keys yet hear them screaming, "I WANT A HONDA!"  These people will always overlook the good and only see the bad in you.

So why be affected?!?!??!


TIP #3 :
Quit dwelling on the negative things people have said about you, all that's going to do is poison your mind and body.

Allie Open Back Corp Dress Black from

Clutch from Chanel and necklace is handmade by me =)

Remember this : when people belittle you, they are being little!!! Small minded people will be jealous and gossip and try to make you look bad. NEVER allow anyone to squeeze you into their mold and force you to bow down to their pressures!  Understand when you try to please others instead of pleasing yourself, it takes away your power and your uniqueness

NEVER ever dwell on the negative comments, if you cannot take it, don't read it. Choose not to listen to such negativity. Be selective in your knowledge so that you will never be discouraged.

Tell yourself this everyday :
"MY TIME IS TOO PRECIOUS to try to please every Tom, Dick and Harry out there."

Just learn to do your best and the rest will be taken care of!

ALWAYS REMEMBER TO IGNORE NEGATIVITY, because these are just blockages to keep you from your end goal!!! =)))

My personal experience with negative comments has taught me to always IGNORE, not caring about such negativity has set me free. I am able to laugh at mean comments and even crack a joke while I was at it! hahahahha (“⌒∇⌒”)哈哈哈

Because I have learnt to ignore and be selective, I have never felt happier than now. I have learnt to accept my own shortcomings as well as to continue being TRULY me~~

I hope this post helps you with finding your happiness in life~~~

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Hugs and kisses....

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