I recently did another (!! yes, i know!! =P) set of wedding shoot with me and my husband's childhood friend Jonah Sun from Blink Photography.

As mentioned, I did 3 pre-wedding shoots altogether. 

1 by Digio
1 by Kent Wong  ( Kent has not given the photos yet, so I would show you guys when he is done.)

1 by my husband and my childhood friend -- Jonah Sun from Blink Photography

This set that I am showing you guys is by Jonah Sun from Blink Photography

I wanted to return to our alma matter Tao Nan School to shoot a set of wedding photos as it held a special place in our hearts. Thankfully, the school staff and administration were very understanding and forthcoming in processing our request. A very big THANK YOU to Ms Phay and Mr Chia from TNS for your help and assistance!!

Okok, I am going to tell you our love story in this blog post.

My hubby, myself and Jonah were in the same primary school. 3 of us were in the same class from Primary 1-4, until Primary 5 where streaming took place. My hubby and I were assigned to the same class, just next to Jonah's.

I'm gonna tell you guys a secret..... hahahahhaha *shy*

I had a crush on my hubby since primary 5. I think he looked super cute like a little "Aaron Kwok" hahahahahahahha =p

Our class photo taken at Primary 6.
You can now see why I need to undergo surgery..... lolololol 

Then after we graduated from Primary school, we lost contact and did not talk to each other till we went for a primary school class gathering in 2011.

On 6th Oct 2011, we met again and we didn't talk much then.

6th October 2011

We started talking on facebook and meeting up and things progressed steadily. We just clicked somehow.

I think the hubby was fascinated by my antics and I was attracted by his witty remarks. Hahhahahahahah.... I think he is gonna tell you guys otherwise..... *he claims to be irritated with my antics hahaha =p*

And we started dating on 21st October 2011. 

Ok shall tell more about our love story in the next post.... because I can't wait to share these photos taken by Jonah Sun from Blink Photography at Tao Nan on 1st Sept 2012.

Props were provided by Jonah from Blink Photography
Dip Dye hair by 313 Shunji Matsuo
This set is taken at Tao Nan on 1st Sept 2012.
We randomly went into a classroom with kids and asked to shoot with them.
hahahaha =p

Show you guys more photos next time~~

E: walkthetalkshop@gmail.com
Add: Fareast plaza, #04-132 14 scotts road, s228213

The kind owner -- Yvonne of Walk the talk shop wanted to send me their latest design to congratulate me on getting married. But instead of just picking off their website, I went to their brick and mortar shop on 21st August 2012 to pick out what I preferred instead.

Yvonne showed me their latest convertible dresses and was very chirpy and friendly.

Check out their 1 dress 3 ways to wear piece!!!

To be honest, their convertible designs are intricately manufactured and fabrics used are handpicked by Yvonne herself. What attracted me most was that these convertible designs are not found else where at all.

Here's one of the items what I picked out from their shop :

Taken with an iphone 4s

After shopping at Walk the talk shop, I went for a dinner date with the khakis at Raffles City Shopping Centre.

Daily Dressing 21/8/2012 : Dress from www.thefashionchambers.com
Went for dinner with the khakis at Fruits paradise Cafe
located at Raffles City Shopping centre #B1-44F

Curry rice (Fruits Paradise Cafe)

Omu rice (Fruits Paradise Cafe) -- Highly recommended!!!!

That's all for now. Till the next post ~~