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New collection launched at Ruth & Paige this week :

A mini interview with the folks at Ruth & Paige :

What made you decide to start your own business?
I, myself is a shopaholic. Online shopping is a growing trend in Singapore and I believe majority of my target group (aged 20 - 35) shops online at least occasionally.  To be frank, I wasn't receptive to online shopping years ago because I can't touch or try an apparel but now, you can in fact call me a gaga online shopper (haha). I decided to start Ruth & Paige to cater to ladies' needs who have shopping desires like me. 

How did you decide on apparel?
I decide on apparel sutiable for young gals and working ladies aged between 20 t0 35 years old. My focus is more on dresses of everlasting classic designs as well as those that are in fashion trend today. 

In what ways do you promote your business? Facebook, Twitter, instagram, print media?
Facebook, Blogshop Directories.

What skills did you already have when you started your business and what did you have to learn?
Fashion sense. To be able to keep up with ever-changing fashion trends is crucial, and this would involve more read-ups and definitely more online shopping for me!

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