A reader shared this with me and my heart really went out to the victim as I had been a victim of abuse myself.

Here are the videos :

Taken from here : Amanda Fong's video

These are her words, "I am Amanda Fong Kim Yen, I'm 19 years old & I'm 2 Months+ pregnant with Calven Chik Foo Keong's baby I'm standing up for myself now. I would like to share my experience with all of you out there how abusive my husband is by beating me up terribly & he had been torturing me. I've been crying hysterically, having abdominal pains & traumatized by this experienced. As you can see in this video he wouldn't let me out from the shop even I went to press the door access. He has put me under tremendous pressure, hurt, pain & suffering. I cannot endure it anymore longer. I'm very tied of living this miserable life. I have been accused, suffered from humiliation, physically & mentally anguished. How will you react if you were in my position & it happened to one of your family member?"

Amanda Fong's facebook with photos of her injuries
Calven Chik's facebook 

News of the incident :

From what I gathered, Calven hit Amanda because he was angry that her family wanted a say in their co-owned boutique business. My heart reaches out to Amanda because I understand how she feels. A man who hits a woman is a coward and a BASTARD. In the videos, he dragged her by her hair, kicked her, slapped her, pinned her on the sofa, punched her and pushed her.

This guy is a MOTHERFUCKER!!

No matter how much you disagree with your in-laws, you cannot hit your wife. PERIOD!

In singapore, there is nothing much that can be done about domestic abuse. You can only get a PPO - police protection order. The best way out is to leave the relationship. I am not sure about the Malaysia law though.

Go send Amanda some love if you feel for her~~~

And if you feel otherwise, no point to 落井下石 ya....

My personal experience with abuse :
Ugly Truth

pps : Mini Update

Calven's side of the story  

My personal opinion : The couple is too young to get married. Amanda needs to get some help to get her priorities right. Calven should learn to control his anger and manage his emotions. Whether or not, Amanda had an affair outside of the marriage only she herself knows. She has to be honest with herself first and foremost.

I think two halves cannot be one whole. In this situation, it is obvious Amanda is a broken soul. If she is looking to Calven to make her whole, she is obviously looking in the wrong place. She needs help to reconcile with herself first.