These photos are for my wedding album. We have 3 shoots in total and so far I have completed 2. Each shoot encompasses the photographer's artistic flair and unique personalities as well as interesting moments I had with my hubby. In fact, the nicest photos were those we were simply having fun and re-enacting how we truly are like when we are together. hahahhaha =p

We are a pretty comical couple so most of the photos are not your usual "i-love-you.. you-love-me" types.

In fact, when we met up with the DiGio bridal peeps, they couldn't believe we were both 30. They thought we were too young to get married. HAhahahahahha.... thanks to my consistent consumption of collagen drinks and collagen capsules.

Which reminds me...... I have to tell you guys about Adonis Koso Nano Collagen capsule.

But before that, check out my wedding shoot photos by Digio~~

Make-up : Jacqueline Koh
Photoshop done entirely by : Jacqueline Koh
Fillers at nasal folds : Juvederm by TCS CLINIC
Props : All props were entirely prepared by me and my hubby
Styling : 313 SHUNJI MATSUO so kindly loan me their hairstylist -- Shirley
Photographer for this shoot : Y with a 5D Mark II, shots all done by Di Gio 

All photos are digitally enhanced by me for our wedding album

I have always been telling you guys about my daily consumption of collagen right? Well, I bought this Adonis collagen capsules so that it is more convenient for me especially when I travel. I still consume Meiji Collagen powder everyday, and if I am not able to blend my own collagen fruit juice mix, I would grab a bottle of Naruko's collagen. 

But this Adonis' Koso Nano Collagen beats them all hands down. Because it is easy to consume, just pop 2 pills a day and you are done; no need for messy blending and stirring, no need to refrigerate your collagen drinks. I simply packed my Adonis Koso Nano Collagen capsules in a pill box and put the pill box in my bag. I can then pop a pill whenever I suddenly recall and wherever I am. 

I need to emphasis the importance of consuming your collagen. I have been consuming collagen since 18 years old -- whether naturally through avocados, in the powder form -- Meiji Collagen powder, in bottled form -- Naruko Collagen drinks OR capsule form -- Adonis Nano Collagen Capsules. If you start early, you lock in your collagen and youth early. If you start late, you need more time to replenish the collagen which has been used up. 

So I highly suggest for you babes to start young and start EARLY!!!!!!!! So that you will not regret it later.

KOSO Nano Collagen helps absorption and utilization of Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin C for our skin & body. KOSO Nano Collagen also helps to retain moisture and replenish lost collagen to keep skin looking supple and youthful. Adonis' Koso Nano Collagen capsules consists of Natural Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid and Vit. C. Plus they do not contain additives and preservative.

Adonis' Koso Nano Collagen can be purchased at any Adonis Outlets and costs : SGD$118 excluding GST!

In the meantime, check out my wedding preparation posts:


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